iPhone XS Problems may Erode Apple’s Outstanding Reputation

iPhone XS Problems may Erode Apple’s Outstanding Reputation

When he introduced the very first iPhone back in 2007, Steve Jobs said that the iPhone creed can be encapsulated into three words: ‘’it just works’’. As time passed, this standard seems to be no longer viable, as issues have plagued the latest generations of iPhones.

As more and more problems appear after the iOS 12 release the backlash from ardent Apple fans increases.  The software problem is not that uncommon. Look at video games, and you will see that many new triple AAA titles require a day one patch in order to start properly. This is why over-the-air updates were encouraged among phone manufacturers, as it allows them to conveniently patch outstanding issues in a quick manner.

iPhone XS

Perfection may be expected by some, but most users won’t observe minor bugs. The real issues appear when major functionalities are compromised, or when select hardware components suddenly fail without a reason. And these are the problems that plague the 2018 iPhone iterations.

Apple is working hard to fix both the bugs in the new OS version and the hardware issues found among select iPhone XS and XS Max. The battery charging bug was solved in iOS 12.1, but many fans continue to tax Apple for allowing the bug past quality control in the first place. A patch that affects your device in a negative way is not unheard of, but when Apple does it, it will certainly raise some eyebrows.

Other users have reported that the speaker on the upper-front of their device is not working properly, as it randomly stops during music playback. Restarting the device solves the issue temporary, but it is interesting that it only happens when users are listening to music, as the speaker works during phone calls.

iPhone X users are also filing forums with posts about screen issues as the update changed their screen calibration. Poor contrast and screen color are often quoted, and it would seem that the issue was present in the beta.

Apple needs to make better decisions in the future as its reputation may suffer in the long run.

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