iPhone XS Owners Complaining the Selfies Are Too Good and Smoothes the Skin

iPhone XS Owners Complaining the Selfies Are Too Good and Smoothes the Skin

Those that recently acquired an iPhone XS have come across a weird little effect when they used Apple’s latest innovative smartphone. There are some people who complained about how the camera placed in the front of the iPhone XS is apparently making their faces come out different as compared to how they really look.

They appear smoother, strikingly so, and they are under the impression that these photos are what happens when you edit some while applying some beauty app features like on FaceTune. Besides, the same photo quality can also be observed in the iPhone XS Max but it is not so surprising if we remember that the iPhone XS Max shares the same camera in the front like the iPhone XS.

Until now, it still remains unclear just what exactly causes this smoothing effect. Mail Online asked an Apple spokesman to comment on the matter, but they refused to do so. Despite what these people are claiming, it is possible that the iPhone XS and XS Max offer such a result because of their camera upgrades, which include a feature for reducing noise.

If you are wondering just what noise there is in a photograph, well you should now that noise-reduction means getting rid of some of the visual distortions which can occur when you take high-res photos and we are talking about things like graininess. So, this feature comes in and acts by smoothing out some of the elements present in the photo, especially with those photos taken in darker environments.

Whatever reason there is, the fact remains that some of the iPhone XS users complain about how their smartphones produce an unwanted effect, leaving their face looking like that of a plastic figurine or porcelain doll. At least that’s what Lewis Hilsenteger, a tech Youtuber who recently described the effect on a video posted in his channel, Unbox Therapy.

iPhone XS and XS Max Models

Probably for resorting to public emotion, Hilsenteger used a popular scandal to draw attention by calling this mishap the ‘beautygate’. He said that “at first I was like, let me get to the bottom of this. This is probably some kind of processing thing that I can turn off. I can just dive into the menus, like on other phones that have beauty modes. Like on Samsung, or Huawei, and so on. Maybe I can just toggle that down to zero”. Then, he added that “but of course there’s no mention of beauty mode because Apple never admitted to doing any kind of beauty mode”.

So far, there is not a single proof that Apple tampered with the public by incorporating some kind of a beauty enhancing feature into the iPhone XS and XS Max models. This means that until now the best explanation for these selfie cameras is that the photos are more than likely the result of the phone’s noise reduction features.

Having said that, we still have to think about the fact that noise reduction is usually limited to environments that don’t offer a high light intensity. Also, don’t think that you can just turn off the Smart HDR feature on your iPhone and be done with the hassle, because it doesn’t seem to help one bit.

The Smart HDR is a newly presented feature included in this year’s models from Apple and it can apparently help you with capturing shadow details or bright headlights. The problem is, as shown by people such as Abdul Dremali, that this effect occurs even when you take photos in places that are well-lit.

To show that the smoothing effect is really happening, Dremali chose to take the same picture by using two different phones, the iPhone XS and the iPhone X. It is clear that the effect happens only when he uses the first of the two as it is evident when you look at the two photos side by side.

When reached by Mail Online, Dremali stated that Apple got in reach with him and they are apparently working on the issue. The subject of this article was first pointed out by Reddit users several days ago.



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