iPhone XS Most Known Problems So Far

iPhone XS Most Known Problems So Far

There are plenty of people who are pretty much enjoying the new iPhone XS smartphones, however, that can definitely not be said about everybody. Until now we got used that every new iPhone launch will come with some sort of technical issues which are able of cropping up for at least a few of the users.

When we looked online, we noticed that the users were able of corroborating three major issues with this new device and those are the irregularities with charging, the ‘beautygate’ – the problems with the selfie cameras, and the problems with its wireless performance.

First, the beauty-gate scandal is the most widespread complaint. By far, it managed to draw the most traction and that’s because the camera from the front of the iPhone XS is apparently, able of applying a layer of the filter to your selfies, resulting in beautification. Among the users’ complains we can find the fact that the selfies are taken with the front camera come out with their skin smoothed, which gives the appearance of a plastic doll.

iPhone XS Selfies

Also, that’s not the only thing that the iPhone XS is capable of doing with your selfies. Apparently, it can alter your color tone so that your skin will receive a bit of a glow. This it seems to happen every time the front camera manages to detect a face. There are some users who state that this is happening because of the new Smart HDR feature, although there are plenty who tried to turn it off, saying that it doesn’t work and so, it is definitely not the cause.

You can try to test it out yourselves and see if there is something fishy going on. Some people pointed out to the fact that these beauty filters are really popular in some Asian markets and that’s where Apple is trying to increase its market share. There is a theory going around according to which Apple’s iPhone XS applies some subtle changes when detecting a face so that the final image would have a better chance of being satisfactory to the users.

This theory is perhaps never going to be proved, although such a way of intentionally manipulation images should only be optional, even if it is somehow enabled by default. Apple should take an official stance and address the problem with an iOS update if it is just a technical error.

Moving on, there have been users who reported some problems while they were trying to charge their new devices. To make matters specific, there are some phones that don’t seem to respond when plugged into the Lightning cable. When it’s charging, it usually is that an iPhone should light up while emitting a charging sound.

However, there are some users of the iPhone XS or of the iPhone XS Max that state their devices unresponsiveness, no matter which power adapter they used. There are some cases where you have to tap the screen to wake the phone and it will start charging, while others require that you unplug and re-plug the cable. If we watch what people are saying on various forums, it seems that even older Apple devices seem to malfunction in this regard when they are updated to the iOS 12. This acts as fuel for the speculation revolving around the problems with the operating system.

The people from Macworld seem to not have yet encountered a problem with any sort of Apple device. However, the number of users affected by this isn’t too small to ignore. Last but not least, there is a small percentage of iPhone XS users who complained on Reddit about how their new device isn’t too reliable when it comes to internet connectivity.

There is a site called WiWavelength and it examined the signal strength for the new iPhones. Their conclusion was that the phones’ reception and transmission strength just isn’t as strong as they were on previous Apple products. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the fault of the Intel modem, it’s just that other design considerations might have led to this. Regardless of what you may have heard, this is nothing new for Apple and it will manage to pull through this.



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