iPhone XS Max Suddenly Confirmed Along with Prices

iPhone XS Max Suddenly Confirmed Along with Prices

Aside from one delayed release, Apple’s three new iPhones are almost here and the Californian company made sure to include some really groundbreaking innovations in them. There are even some new leaks out there that have confirmed the largest of Apple’s next releases and it is also the most expensive model from the bunch.

Both 9to5Mac and BGR deserve the credit because they shared the news that Apple has said ‘enough’ to the iPhone ‘Plus’ branding and has decided to follow-up the just revealed iPhone XS (the one that measures 5.8 inches) with the 6.5 inched beast which will apparently be called iPhone XS Max which will also come with a surprising price.

An interesting fact is that both news outlets have based the information on a source which is familiar to the marketing plans of Apple, so an overlap can’t be excluded. Because the duo has strong track record with what they have exclusively said, we can be sure that they really believe what they said and that the information is pretty solid.

Since Apple has been condensing different brands under a single name even when different sizes are involved, like the Apple Watch, iPad Pro or the MacBook Pro, such a move is really surprising. However, there are many who feel that ‘Max’ will be a perfect fit for Apple, as ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’ weren’t really targeted for professionals, so they made little sense.

Even its supposed price may be a pleasant thing for users to hear about. After 9to5Mac and BGR broke the news, the German site Macerkopf, which is another trustworthy site when it comes to exclusives, has revealed Apple’s plan regarding the pricing for the entire line-up of new iPhone devices in its country.

iPhone Prices

  • iPhone 9 (name to be confirmed): 799 euros
  • iPhone XS: 909 euros
  • iPhone XS Max: 1149 euros

The US readers might feel surprised when they see these figures, but we must remember that the EU prices always have to include sales tax. Also, the same prices are currently asked by Apple in Germany for the previously launched iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

In consequence, we strongly feel that Apple will perhaps retain what it currently asks in the US as prices for its iPhones ($699, $799 and $999). These are the prices for the three models that come without a bezel design and there are also larger storage capacities which are pushing up to $150 higher per tier.

With that in mind, the second generation iPhone X becoming available at $799 could turn into a sweet spot, especially when previous rumors hinted at the dominion of the cheaper iPhone 9 over the attention of the buyers, even if it will have to come with some compromises.

First, Apple had to include an LCD display in the iPhone 9, while the other two future releases will use the OLED. Besides this fact, the iPhone 9 will also come with a really low native resolution of just 1792 x 828 pixels.

It is definitely not that worse when compared to the iPhone X and the X Plus, however for such a big phone, Apple is off the pace, especially when we remember that Android phones over 6 inches come with 2880 x 1440 native resolutions. Next, the iPhone 9 will come with a battery limited to 2,600 to 2,700 mAh, which raises some genuine concern because we have to take into account the larger and less efficient LCD display.

Another rumor is that the iPhone 9’s RAM will be limited to 3 Gb and its storage will contain 256 Gb, as opposed to its stablemates which will come with 4 Gb of RAM and up to 512 Gb of storage space.

In any event, Apple will launch its next three iPhone models on the 12th of September, which will fall on next Wednesday. This means that we won’t have to wait too long and continue playing the guessing game as the official word will soon bestow our ears. This would be great if we had better news about the 2019 models, but that’s a whole other story which will be left to be told with other occasions.

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