iPhone XS Max is the Finest Apple has to Offer

iPhone XS Max is the Finest Apple has to Offer

iPhone XS Max may be the biggest one released but it is also the best that the company has to offer.

As a loyal iPhone fan, I have followed the device through several iterations and enjoyed all the new features as soon as the new devices launched. The price may be a little steep when you compare it to the rumored price for the soon-to-be-released iPhone XR.

At 6.5-inch, it does remind me of my first 7-inch tablet which seemed huge in comparison to my iPhone 4S. I struggled a bit with the larger size but in the end, I got used to it and realized that the larger screen is certainly a big plus when it comes to certain tasks, like drawing, reading, and Netflix.

Since I opted for the iPhone 8 Plus last year, the difference was not that major to me. Certainly, the fact that I enjoy the benefit of large hands allows me to comfortably hold it with one hand. It may slide harder into my pockets, but that is also doable without stressing too much.

Read below for some handy category-based impressions.

Old looks, new looks

The design is similar to the iPhone X, with the main difference being the size variation. The rounded sides may make it feel considerably thick in comparison to the competition which offers thinner-looking tapered devices, a change that also adds a plus of comfort to them as some user say that the XS Max doesn’t seem to secure in your hand. When it comes to actual numbers, the XS Max is the thinnest smartphone in its size range, at 7.7 mm.

A major design feat is the fact that Apple managed to cram a 6.5-inch display into a body a little smaller than that of the iPhone 8 Plus, which sports a meager 5.5-inch display. The increased screen size is protected by a stronger, improved layer of glass, which is also used for the back of the device. Along with the steel frame, it offers a premium aspect worth your money.

The buttons have maintained the same position, with the power one on the right and the mute and volume buttons on the left, keeping them accessible with one finger. One thing that has changed is the fact that pressing the power button once will bring up Siri. In order to turn off the device, you will need to hold both the power and volume buttons at the same time and confirm your choice.

High Definition Relaxation

The new and improved OLED display is amazing. Anything you want to do can be done in comfort, from a short PUBG Mobile game where you can enjoy the impressive graphics on maximum settings, to reading a book on your commute or binging on Netflix while sitting comfortably in your bed.

Show me your face

Since Touch ID was dropped last year, Face ID has become more popular as Apple improved its sensitivity allowing for better recognition speeds and increased security. There are devices that unlock faster while using face recognition, so there is still room for improvement here if you ask me.

iOS 12 brings fresh new stuff

The Apple flagship arrives with the new OS already installed, offering the wealth of improvements from the start. Screen Time allows you to track how much time you spend looking at your device. Navigation through the device is one by using a new gesture mechanic which is easy to learn and accessible.

Faster brain

The new A12 Bionic chip brings additional power while reducing power consumption, a trade that should be found more often in the mobile world. The CPU is 40% faster in comparison to previous models. The UI is fluid and transitioning from one screen to another happens in a glimpse.

Battery matters

Since the battery is bigger, I expected it to last for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. I ran some apps, played a few matches and a couple of episodes and I still had enough juice at the end of the time, which is pretty good in my book.

One more photo

The ‘’Smart HDR’’ feature touted by Apple lets you shoot great photos with the press of a button, as the device creates the best photos you can take by combining several sequences captured at the same time. The selfies camera takes great shots and you will love them.


If you are an iPhone fan looking for an upgrade, or a person looking to buy its first iPhone, the XS Max encapsulates the best that Apple offers and you won’t be disappointed.



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