iPhone XS Deliveries May Come Later for Some Users

iPhone XS Deliveries May Come Later for Some Users

It seems that while you can pay over one grand for your device, Apple can’t be bothered to shell out additional delivery money. Several US clients have reported that UPS shifted the delivery date of their order from September 21 to September 24. Citing updated tracking information.

According to the tracking service, several orders are located or have been dispatched from Anchorage, Alaska. Only people that opted for the larger memory sizes or the iPhone Max seem to have encountered problems.

It may be possible that the date was changed by mistake and the iPhones will still be delivered on time, but it may depend from one area to another. One customer contacted a UPS representative, who claimed that the date was changed due to an error and the iPhones will arrive on Friday.

Customers from other countries like Australia, New Zeeland and select Asian regions received some of the devices, and the global delivery will start soon in Europe.

Last year, the Apple X came as a huge surprise for fans and competitors alike.  Redesigned to look better, with an improved gesture system, secure Face ID and a beautiful screen that maximized the usable surface.

The minimized notch quickly became a staple as manufacturers rushed to improve their own design and in some cases shamelessly copy Apple in order to convince buyers. The X became the Apple smartphone to have as sales hit record numbers.

This year, Apple decided to improve upon its previous work, offering two iPhone XS variants. A 5.8-inch XS for those that want a large but reasonably-sized device, and the larger XS Max, thought by many to be a direct competitor for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. In the middle sits the more affordable iPhone XR, which has a 6.1-inch display.

Read below for our impression of the iPhone Max and a few highlights.

The Max life

If you eliminate the larger size, the two XS devices are identical. They share the same innards, namely the A12 Bionic processor, camera and display resolution. The Max has a bigger and better battery but after one week of use, it merely feels like every other Plus phone that has been previously launched by Apple.

The larger, edge-to-edge display is great for gaming and Netflix binges, offering vibrant colors and clear images. It may be troublesome for some users because in most cases you will need both hands in order to reach the Control Center. This seems like a mild annoyance, but you can enable an accessibility feature which will let you pull down and swipe to reach what you need.

The apps that make use of the larger display are few and far between as of now. Some have been updated, but they bring the same information while using a larger font. And those that are not up-to-date look a bit sketchy like Instagram for example. Certain apps offer a sidebar view in landscape mode but that is all. Apple argued that they do not want to fill the display as most people want a bigger interface on a bigger device but the option to switch the UI size would have been great.

Here you will find a few highlights available for both devices.

A safe face

The Face ID feature has gained some traction since it was introduced. It only works in portrait mode for now, but it is easier to set up and use. While it won’t work if you are wearing certain sunglasses, Apple-approved sunglasses are coming next summer, allowing you to unlock your phone while looking good.

Snap a shot

The camera upgrades are consistent, and certainly a big upgrade over the X. But while they are solid, the Pixel 2 keeps its crown for now, as the pictures caught with it are superior. The stand-out feature is the Smart HDR feature, which compiles several shots, under and overexposed in order to create the perfect image. There is a drawback, as some pictures appear to lose fine details and contrast.

A new brain

The A12 Bionic processor offers an improved GPU and a significant boost in video games. You can seamlessly play intensive games like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. The improved 7nm chip also grants a better battery life and performance.

Even if your device will arrive later, there are still many features to enjoy when you finally have it.



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