iPhone XS Comes with OLED displays and New A12 Chipset

iPhone XS Comes with OLED displays and New A12 Chipset

According to the online rumor mill, Apple will try to tempt you to upgrade in 2018 by building a mysterious new iPhone XS. Right now, the internet is filled to the brim with leaks, speculations and news about Apple’s new flagship phone, including price info, photos and specs.

Apple revealed to us last year the iPhone X, a pricey smartphone which marked the introduction of the all-screen design. The way it handled the market encouraged Apple to follow-up and this year it will release not one, but two sequels for that phone. One of them will represent the direct successor to the 2017 model and, according to the rumors, it will be called the ‘iPhone XS’.

The other one is a larger upgrade, reportedly boasting a huge screen, measuring 6.5 inches. Apparently, it will be called the iPhone XS Plus. Apple made us observe a habit regarding its releases, and we can safely say that they run like clockwork. Every year in September, the American tech firm shows off a new iPhone device. This year, the event will take place on Wednesday, September 12th.

This translates into us seeing the new iPhone models available for pre-ordering starting with Friday, September 14th. The actual release day, meaning the one when you can actually bag the new models, will arrive a week later, on the 21st of September.

It will not be the first time that Apple releases three products. Last year in September, Apple unveiled a trio of iPhones: the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus. The two iPhone 8s used the same iPhone design which we have become accustomed to. However, the X introduced the fresh all-screen design which marked a completed make-over for the Apple’s flagship look.

In order to achieve this design, Apple had to remove the Home button completely, along with the fingerprint scanner. To make up for it, the company introduced the Face ID feature, a facial recognition system which occupied a small ‘notch’ which could be found at the top of the display.

Fast forward to this year, we expect three iPhone models and we expect that all three of them will feature the iPhone X all-screen design. Both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Plus are rumored to come with OLED displays, one measuring 5.8 inches, meant for the XS, while the other will measure 6.5 inches, ideal for the larger iPhone XS Plus.

iPhone XS Update

The XS Plus will represent the first-ever iPhone to come with such a large display, exceeding some of Samsung’s products as well. Another hope for most of Apple users is represented by the incorporation of the new A12 chipset, a processor designed completely in-house, specifically for iPhone use.

The good news is that this processor will come as a huge upgrade for the previous one, the A11. As you might or might not know, computer processors work through transistors, which are really tiny electronic switches. They open and close, allowing electrical current to pass through. At the most basic level, this is how computing works, through this switching process.

If you have more switches (or transistors) on a chip, then you can get more computing done. That’s why companies in this industry struggle to squeeze more transistors into a given amount of space (as small as possible), to harness more computing power.

The A11 chip from last year was built by using a 10-nanometer making process, meaning that between each transistor there was a 10-nanometer gap. This year, Apple is expected to use a process with only 7-nanometer gaps, making the space between transistors even smaller.

This would mean that Apple will have more space to include more transistors inside the chip, which would increase the performance of the processor by 20 percent. It also translates into gaining efficiency, because the processor will use 40% less energy, thus boosting your battery life in the long run.

Last but not least, Apple will introduce a new operating system for its next iPhone, the iOS 12. While it was already announced earlier this year, it will become available only starting with these next models coming 2018.



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