iPhone X’s Claims to Take “Studio Quality” Photos

By now most of us are aware that Apple likes to put a lot of work into defining their camera setups on their smartphones. The claims are usually backed up since everyone raves about the fact that Apple smartphones take clear and stunning photos regardless of the model. However, a new claim has surfaced which states that iPhone X can take portraits that have studio quality clarity of the image. Now, is that really the truth? Read more to find out all about the investigative process and what it has uncovered.

iPhone X Studio Quality Process

Ads coming up from Apple claimed that their device could take stunning photos rivaling the quality of studio images. Yes, that sounds amazing in theory, but a group of people wanted to find out if this thing really was a fact. The Advertising Standards Authority was the one to investigate this process.

Once they started to investigate they came to the conclusion that the giant tech company could indeed keep their claim and that this was not an instance of false advertising. Since studio quality is a subjective term and there is no clear set of rules or a specific definition for this term, this means that the ad is not wrong in its affirmations. If you think of the fact that different photographers who take studio quality photos have different techniques, then this would imply that there is some liberty to the term of studio quality as a whole.

This is obvious for someone who is not familiar with the industry as well. Most photographers have different styles of taking studio photos which can be clearly seen in the finished product that they come up with.

Apple also claimed that their 50mm lens that could be found on the iPhone X was incredibly similar to lenses used in portrait photography. In the end, the Advertising Standards Authority stated that Apple was not in the wrong due to the very lenient definition of what a studio quality photos would look like.

Some users might be angry about this decision since comparing a phone camera with the specs of a professional camera used in photo shoots is not really possible. However, taking into account the fact that there is no book on how and what to do in order to take a studio photograph, things will remain pretty much in the grey area until something gets changed.

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