iPhone XS and XS Max Have a New Flaw

iPhone XS and XS Max Have a New Flaw

Released to positive reviews earlier in September, the new iPhone XS and XS Max were embraced by both reviewers and users.

While some call the update incremental, there were a few highlights that render them superior to the iPhone X. However, many users have reported a serious issue with their device which questions the quality of the components that are used in the manufacturing process.

It seems that a large number of both XS and XS Max models have an issue with their speaker, as users report that it does not work correctly, and official acknowledgment exists at this point.

Users have described the problems on a variety of sites, ranging from communities such as Reddit to fan sites and even official forums, describing how the top speaker of their device randomly stops while they are playing music.

Some intrepid users have already discovered a temporary fix to this issue. According to one forum post, if you have an iPhone XS Max and the issue appears, restarting the device should fix it for a while, but it will happen again.

It is interesting that the problem only appears while you are playing music, as regular phone calls seem to be unaffected by the issue. This has led some fans to theorize that the issue may be in fact caused by a software bug. A fix may come at some point, but it would seem that it still persists even with the new iOS 12.1 beta.

The bad news comes on top of previously reported issues. While the speaker issue may be fixed with a proper patch, another one may require a recall from Apple.

iPhone XS Accusations

Forums and fan sites are also filled with accusations of a larger magnitude as hundreds of users note that their expensive devices refuse to charge properly. According to one source, the iPhone XS and XS Max will not charge if the user connects the device to a wall socket while it is in standby. In rare cases, the device will also freeze and reset will be needed in order to solve the problem.

Waking the device will allow it to charge in some cases while flipping the Lightning cable can also help (hinting that the flaw may be caused by the cable itself). Using a wireless charger is an alternative, but it was already shown that prolonged use will accelerate the degradation of the battery. Batteries can be changed but Apple has recently increased the replacement fee for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Again, there is no formal acknowledgment from Apple until now, so the exact cause of the problem remains a mystery.

There was already disdain among fans when it comes to charging time, as the XS series takes a long time in order to fully charge. Add to this the fact that the autonomy is not the best, as only the XS Max can survive for a whole day without needing extra juice and only if used moderately.  The iPhone XS needs three hours and fifteen minutes in order to fully charge, while the XS Max needs three hours and a half in order to reach 100%. This is almost half of a normal work schedule, and using the phone while charging will damage the batter. The phone can be charged during the night but when a user looks at the price, he or she expects the best performance for his money.

iPhone XS Fast Charger

This can be easily fixed if you opt for a fast charger, sold separately by Apple for $49 along with a mandatory USB-C cable that starts at $19 for the one-meter option. In an age where the most flagships devices ship with a fast charger in the box, Apple seems a little greedy. Looking at the direct competition, the Samsung Note 9 charges to 100% in one hour and 45 minutes, less than half of the XS charging time without using a faster charger. Apple argues that most users prefer the smaller standard charger since it fits in your pocket but these seem to be a weak excuse.

If Apple doesn’t do something to fix all these issues in a timely manner, the good reputations that iPhones enjoy may be gone with the wind.



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