iPhone XS and the iPhone XR Affordability

iPhone XS and the iPhone XR Affordability 2

The iPhone XR has just hit the stores today, and everybody is glad to see that its price is one of the most affordable for a new iPhone. However, it is not that cheap with its starting price of $750. The interesting fact is that for a casual observer, the iPhone XR looks similar to the iPhone XS which is way more expensive starting at $1,000. When an Apple fan is trying to decide which one of these two models they should buy, not the $250 difference helps them decide.

The decision will not be hard to take for some people. The iPhone XR is cheaper, bigger and does almost everything the iPhone XS does. For other people, the iPhone XS will be considered an investment as they will own and love it for many years forward. However, there is another group of people who claim the iPhone XR is good enough for them and take it, and another group who would buy the iPhone X for $100 less as it is almost identical to the iPhone XS.

Choose The Best One

Instead of diving directly into the presentation of the new phone’s details, let us mention one thing. It is no longer as easy as it was to decide on an iPhone. Previous years ago there would be a $500 iPhone with one storage amount and then for more storage you would pay $100 more. Now, the mother company of the most appreciated phones has totally changed the lineup. It is now more crowded, and the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest iPhone is of $1,000. The most economical choice is the $450 iPhone 7 with 32 GB while if you want the speediest phone, you will need to pay $1,450 for the iPhone XS Max with storage of 512GB. In addition to that, you can also buy earlier iPhone models from resellers. For example, you can get a $170 16GB iPhone 6 through Amazon.

iPhone XS and the iPhone XR Affordability 3

Furthermore, there is even more complication included. If you want to pay for your iPhone using a payment plan, you have a lot to choose from. Some people would rather pay for their device upfront, but some people are more attracted to the payment plans offered by AT&T, Apple, and Verizon. For example, you can enrol in a two-year plan where you will need to pay for the phone in a zero-interest manner and where the insurance is not included. The program offered by the American tech giant is called Apple Updrage. What it does is the same, but you will need to pay some more for the AppleCare, and you will also be allowed to upgrade to a new model after one year. When deciding on the phone, they want to buy. The user will surely look at that monthly instalment.

With that being said, you will need to pay $37.41 for a month if you want the cheapest iPhone XR that through the Apple Upgrade Program. If you choose the payment plan for other carriers, you will pay $6.17 less. As for the cheapest iPhone XS, the instalment rises $12.50 in the Apple Upgrade Program and $10.42 through other plans.

So regarding that $250 difference, when you are doing a payment plan, the difference is of about $10. If you want to keep your financial health intact, you should stick with these options. After all the payments you will be the owner of the phone and no interest is paid. However, you need not to miss a payment or delay it unless you want to pay additional fees.

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