iPhone XS and iPhone XR did not give us all we wanted

iPhone XS and iPhone XR did not give us all we wanted

With Apple releasing its new trio of iPhones, the public was expecting certain features that the company did not include. We made a list gathering all these specs that maybe will be considered for the next series.

Significantly better battery life

The improved battery life Apple got us excited for is not as improved as we hoped. It is just nominally better, and this is not enough for such an innovative phone. The solely different in battery life between the iPhone X and its successor is that iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than its predecessor and iPhone XS Max 90 minutes longer. Regarding the iPhone XR, it is said to be the iPhone with the best battery life lasting 90 minutes longer than the iPhone 8 Plus, theoretically 30 minutes more than the iPhone XS Max.

Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter in the box

Apple made quite a drastic move when they eliminated the headphone jack from the iPhone and people were pissed. Now, with the 2018 trio of iPhones, the Lightning-to-3.5mm audio jack dongle will not even be shipped with them like when the iPhone 7 was released or the iPhone 8. However, you can buy the Lightning-to-3.5mm audio jack dongle yourself separately for $9, £9 or AU$15. At least they still include the Lightning EarPod headphones.

USB Type-C fast chargers in the box

The USB Type-C connection is taking over laptops, phones and even Apples MacBooks line. However, some people would be upset if the company would swap the Lightning port to a USB Type-C connection. There is still a possibility to leave the Lightning on the phone, swap out the rectangular USB-A connector on the charger which comes in the box, and this insignificant change would make a difference with MacBooks owners who want to charge their iPhones from their laptops without using an adapter.

In-screen Touch ID

iPhone X was the first Apple phone not to feature a physical home button, but while that was happening, the company removed the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Face ID got us all excited for the iPhone X, but we must agree that Touch ID works at any angle and is sometimes faster. Many Apple users hoped that the company would bring this functionality back, but they are just sticking with the Face ID instead.

5G support for futureproofing

iPhones at the moment work on 4G LTE networks, but the soon-to-be-available 5G cellular data networks promise more to the digital users than ever. Probably we will not get 5G until 2019, and we would need to settle for the “fixed wireless” cable broadband offerings like Verizon’s 5G Home. However, we would not have got mad if Apple would randomly mount a 5G chip in this year’s iPhones, right?

Stylus support

The entry-level iPad received Apple Pencil support in March which offered the baselines iPad’s exact on-screen writing and drawing features which would usually be available only on the Pro models. It would have been an idea as Apple made the most expensive and largest iPhone ever, to make it support a mini Apple Pencil as well right? Yeah, we must admit that the Apple Pencil would have needed to be differently designed as it is too bulky for the iPhone XS Max, but we can dream of it.

Until that would happen, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be considered the king of the stylus phones empire.

TBD: Shatterproof screen

In 2014, the iPhone 6 was released, and the public was excited for the shatter-resistant sapphire screen that has never ended up on it. Last year, with only one drop, the iPhone X’s screen could be cracked, and that is quite a bummer as Apple charges $279, £286 or AU$419 to replace the iPhone X’s OLED screen. What was also a major disadvantage is that the iPhone X’s back was also made out of glass.

The senior vice president of worldwide marketing from Apple, Phil Schiller, announced that the most durable glass ever in a smartphone would be featured by iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. We know Corning is an Apple partner, but while Schiller was on the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater talking about these phones, he omitted to say if they would have Gorilla Glass 6 screens.



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