iPhone XR Breakdown – How it Works on the Inside

By creating three distinct iPhones, Apple is clearly aiming to gain a larger share of the market by offering variety and flexible prices at the same time. At $749 the iPhone XR is the more affordable option when it comes to the 2018 line. For those that wondered how the device looks and work on the inside, several tear-down videos are now available and they will certainly satisfy your curiosity.

The iPhone XR Breakdown

One of the most important characterizes of the XR is the fact that it is easy to dismantle. The display and battery can be removed easily and this will speed up any repairs that need to be done particularly since those components are prone to damage. This will also reduce support costs and ensure longer revenue in the long run as repairing a device will take less which means that more devices can be repaired in the same timeframe.

Apple has insisted that the XR is on par with XS when it comes to specifications and the claim holds out when it comes to the chip. Both devices use the impressive A12 Bionic processor, which makes the XR fast as it’s more expensive brothers.

The device uses a single-deck logic board and a rectangular battery which are fitted with tabs that facilitate the removal process. A lower price usually means that sacrifices were made, but the inner structure of the XR is a proof that the Cupertino company keeps its standards high even when it comes to ‘’budget’’ terminals. The structure marks a clear evolution when compared to the iPhone 8, while also being optimized for faster and more effective maintenance.

It is interesting that Apple has opted to anchor the battery with adhesive bands, but they can be easily removed with a bit of alcohol. Overall, the components radiate a feeling of modularity, as they can be swapped without impediments if you have the right tools at hand.

Attempting to repair it at home is not a very good idea since it uses a lot of screws that are easy to lose, or require specialized screwdrivers in order to remove. The waterproof sensors could also be triggered, which along with opening the device in the first place will render your warranty null. The glass present on the front and back of the device is also relatively fragile and prone to damage if you don’t know what you are doing. If it cracks due to an unexpected event the only alternative is to completely replace the chassis of the device, a process that will take a while even at a specialized Apple center.

An unexpected success

When the iPhone XR was first announced, many fans thought about the ill-fated iPhone 5C. Apple claimed that the 5C would offer the same experience as the iPhone 5S, with the only difference being a more affordable price and a plastic body.

The iPhone XR Breakdown
The iPhone XR Breakdown

At a price of $99 the device seemed to be the iPhone for everyone but it failed to impress. While the plastic body was well-received, other issues dragged the device down as the device failed to reach the sales Apple wanted and the company discontinued the device.

The most common argument when it comes to the 5C is that it was substantially inferior when you compare it to the iPhone 5S. 5C had a slower processor; the camera wasn’t as impressive and lost features that were becoming standard like slow-motion video capabilities. Touch ID was also removed in order to keep the cost low, while it remained an attractive feature that set 5S apart.

The colors used for the device were also particularly uninspired as Apple went for bland pastel colors that looked boring. When you paired them up with the now infamous perforated covers the phone looked even cheaper, a drawback that may have shifted many towards the more stylish 5S which retained the premium look that iPhone fans loved.

Apple’s first foray into affordable smartphones may have left a bitter aftertaste for some users, but the company learned a lot of valuable lessons from the failure of the iPhone 5C and you can see that in the success of the XR.

While the XR may not shoot the best photos nor have the greatest screen, it is competitive when it comes to performance as it recently outscored several Android flagships in benchmark tests. This proves that Apple learned its lessons and opens the way for more accessible iPhones in the future.

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