iPhone XR 2019 Edition to Get New Color Variants, Leaked Case Renders Reveal

Apple iphone XR 2019

Apple iPhone XR is a colorful phone and whether you like the design or not doesn’t matter because it looks more vibrant than any other phone in their lineup. If you are looking to buy a new one with an improved camera and processor in 2019, the company has got you covered. Leaked renders of the case for iPhone XR 2019 edition confirms that the color variants will be made available at launch.

In recent times, leaks have been plaguing the smartphone industry. Even before its official launch, the Google Pixel 3a got leaked multiple times. The new iPhone XR model was already leaked in the CAD-design renders that showcased how the new camera bump would look in the rear. They even released a 360-degree video of the phone giving users an early sneak-peek of what to expect in terms of design upgrades.

The latest case renders that got leaked online even before any official announcement from Apple, showcases the different color variants. The first iPhone XR went for some vibrant tones including bright yellow, blue and a few other colors while the leaked colors are more subtle and elegant.

iphone XR 2019

If we are to go by what the case renders reveal, the iPhone XR 2019 edition will be available in more classic colors including black, silver, red and gold. As these are all leaked images, there is no way to confirm whether Apple is going to skip the color choices that made the phone popular in the first place. Besides, many users have been jumping into the iOS bandwagon ever since Apple started cutting down the price of the XR in different countries to boost sales. It is obviously working in favor of Apple, a company known for its extensive products that is focusing more on the mid-range market these days.

As with the camera, a stylish square bump is found on the rear side of the XR 2019 edition with an additional two cameras. The iPhone 11 will sport three cameras if we are to go by the leaks we have seen so far and the cheaper variant will have just two. The only problem is that in all these renders, there is no promise that they are going to get rid of the huge notch anytime soon. All the other manufacturers are opting for the notch-less design as rumors claim Pixel 4 XL will also remove the notch and go with a punch-hole camera.

If you are a big fan of Apple iPhones but want to get a sleek phone without the notch, you might probably have to wait till 2020 when the new iPhone 12 will get rid of the top notch as well as introduce 5G connectivity. What if they bring the headphone jack back as Google did? It’s just wishful thinking though!

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