iPhone XL – Be The First One to Find Out More About Its Features

iPhone XL – Be The First One to Find Out More About Its Features

iPhones are arguably the most anticipated mobile phones on the market. Each time a new model is supposed to come out, there is an entire buzz around it and users come with all sorts of rumors and speculations.

iPhone XL was no exception. The news that Apple will release a giant iPhone was enough to make iPhone enthusiasts get excited. If you are one of the persons who is dying to find out what the new smartphone will bring, we managed to collect some valuable information about it. Let’s take a look.

iPhone XL: 6.5-inch OLED screen

It appears that iPhone XL will come with a 6-.5-inch OLED display. This information comes from Mac Otakara, which is a Japanese website that has always delivered accurate information. The site posted some pictures that are supposed to reveal the upcoming iPhone XL.

According to the source, it appears that the new iPhone will also increase by 0.2 mm when it comes to thickness, and that is because the screen is enlarged as well. The phone should have a size that is similar to the one of iPhone 8 Plus.

6.1-inch MLCD+ screen

According to other sources, the iPhone XL might have a 6.1 inch MLCD+ screen that is in fact made by LG. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the new LG G7 ThinQ already comes with such a technology for its display. This could be an improvement for Apple, as the LG screen comes with 1000 nits of brightness, which is brighter than any iPhone.

The advantages of using this display are very clear. The size and the brightness will make it easier to see things, but an extra layer of glass will be needed as well. This means that the display won’t be able to support 3D touch. However, it might not be that big of a problem, as there are rumors that Apple is planning to ditch 3D Touch in the future.

Next 5.8-inch generation

New information is that Apple will release a new iPhone X as well, and this one comes with the same 5.8-inch display as the actual model. The iPhone X with the 5.8-inch screen should maintain almost the same aspect, but it will have an improved camera sensor, which means that there will be a larger lens on the rear of the phone.

There have been rumors that Apple will come with a lower-cost iPhone that will have an LCD display, but speculations indicated that it would measure 6.1-inches. However, according to Mac Otakara, this information is false.

The smartphone will come with Face ID, but users can expect only a single rear camera, just like iPhone 9 has. This is something that has also been suggested by Ming-Chi Kuo, a former KGI securities analyst. This would explain why this iPhone has a lower cost, compared to the dual-lens setup.

iOS 12

Mac Otakara’s report also came with information about iOS 12. It appears that the two new devices will both run iOS 12. The new iOS will also run on existing devices, and we should expect some improvements, especially when it comes to Face ID.

There will be an essential improvement when it comes to unlocking your phone via FaceID. Until now, users had to keep their phones vertically to be able to open them. This might not be necessary anymore in Face ID. That is because the new technology will allow users to unlock their device using a horizontal angle.

According to Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, the new horizontal Face ID was designed for the next iPad Pro models. The upcoming tablets are supposed to come with the True Depth Camera system, and they will incorporate Face ID as well. It is believed the horizontal support will also work on iPhones.

It appears that Apple was going to introduce various features such as a revamped CarPlay interface, improvements to core apps such as Mail, a redesigned app grid, improved photo editing and more. However, Apple had to delay these features until 2019, so that the company can focus on creating iPhones that are “more responsive and less prone to cause customer support issues.”

When it comes to iOS 12, you can expect some improvements, such as digital health and augmented reality. There will also be improvements for FaceTime and better parental controls. Apple is also working on apps that are universal, which will work on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

iPhone SE 2

According to other rumors, Apple is also working on a budget iPhone that is known as iPhone SE 2 so far. This rumor was partly confirmed after we found out that case manufacturer Olixar and retailer MobileFun started adding pre-orders for an iPhone SE 2 screen protector.

Nonetheless, it might be wiser not to get too excited yet. Based on the screen protector is made for an iPhone X-style bezel-less display. This is something that might not be accurate, as it is not very likely that Apple will come with these features for a budget iPhone. In fact, Face ID and bezel-less display are flagship features.

The design of the notch that was revealed by Olixar does not match the smooth design of iPhone X, and it has angular lines, which might be another sign that this screen protector is not in fact accurate. However, if you choose to believe Olixar, you should know that you already can pre-order the protector in four different colors.



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