iPhone XI, XI Max and XIR Camera Detailed Leaked Through Case Molds

New Apple iPhones are coming in 2019 without any doubt even though the company is moving its strategy into streaming services and has also launched a credit card. The next in the series is the iPhone XI, XI Max and the cheaper XIR to appease the masses.

All major players in the market are having a strong focus on the mid-range phones as Google recently launched the Pixel 3a. Apple will continue the trend by releasing an XR version of their phone every year and this time it will also witness some minor upgrades. The case molds for the upcoming three Apple phones have been leaked before the official launch.

The company is still months away from launch as it usually takes place in the month of September. However, rendered images of the upcoming phones have already surfaced online. Adding to the leaks that we have seen so far, a couple of molds for the protective cases for these phones have also been released online. It could probably be from a third party manufacturer who has received an outline for the phone but they had to make the camera cutouts prominent which is what they did.

Revealing the information on Twitter, Mark Gurman confirmed that the iPhone XI and the XI Max will sport a three camera setup in the rear. They are all conveniently placed on one side inside a circular square box. It looks much more aesthetic than trying to arrange them in a row as Samsung did. Samsung somehow managed to make it look stylish in its own way while Apple is going their own way as they usually do and come up with rounded designs as they do for their app store and apps.

The iPhone XIR will be the smallest and most affordable of the variant. In order to cut costs and make it easier to buy for the majority of the fans, Apple seems to have removed one of the cameras from the setup. It sports a dual camera setup with the LED flash on the side and we also assume the sensors on the rear will be placed in the free space found on the top and bottom.

Based on the cutouts of these molds, the iPhone XI and the XI Max seem to have more sensors and additional detection features when compared to the iPhone XIR. Another rumored feature is reverse wireless charging where you can keep your new iPhone on another iPhone and make use of the battery available for charging your phone. Samsung has already implemented it in the Galaxy S10 series and Apple might do the same.

The display sizes will drastically vary as a 5.8-inch display is rumored for iPhone XI, 6.5-inch for iPhone XI Max whereas the XIR will have a 6.1-inch LCD display, ditching the OLED display one more time. These phones will be powered by the new Apple A13 chipset.

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