iPhone XI Release to be Accompanied by Over the Ear Headphones by Apple?

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There is a fresh report from Bloomberg that Apple Inc is on its way to launch a new design over-the-year headphone and this might be released along with its new iPhone XI this fall. It was almost a year back when Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities had predicted that Apple is working on a headphone and had predicted that the accessory will be launched in 2018 itself. Both Kuo and Bloomberg are considered reliable in making such predictions and you can expect the information to be correct.

Additional Features Being Predicted

The report speaks of Apple adding some extra features which have health-related aspects. But even dismissing this as being speculative, it appears definite that the company may launch a new set of headphones of the over-the-ear variety. Noise cancellation will be one highlighted feature on these headphones. The logic being explained is that in the current offering by Apple, users have to either choose the Air Pods or the Home Pods to listen to audio tracks from Apple. The headphones could be the third and a better option as an audio accessory.

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A Nice Marketing Strategy to Bundle with the iPhones

The report that Apple may launch the product with the next iteration of iPhones including iPhone XI sounds even more plausible. For one, the company could use the headphones as a bundle at a lower price and this could result in pushing up the sales of the iPhone models, which Apple is desperately trying to lift. No further information on the precise design and other aspects of the headphones and what it would be called are available as of now. These may emerge sooner than later. Apple may decide to stick with the Beats range it owns as well. The speculators even suggest that the new over-the-ear headphones from Apple might be priced over $400. As mentioned above, a bundle with the main device would be a great idea.

There are other companies in the same space, with a report on the Sonos brand planning a wireless headphone which would also be the over-the-ear type has appeared. Sonos has had its association with Apple earlier. Can the two stories be tied to each other? Highly unlikely as Apple-owned Beats is a direct competitor to Sonos. But then you never know in this industry; if Apple can buy displays from Samsung it can buy headphones from Sonos as well, right?

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