iPhone XI Design Retains the Notch but with a New Camera Cutout

Apple iphone 11

Apple iPhone XI is set for its big launch in the month of September this year and renders of the smartphone have already surfaced online. While the company used to be the pioneers of amazing sleek designs and innovative new features, it looks like they are falling back one more time.

If one takes a look at the older iPhones, they might be surprised to see that they look much better in terms of design and sleek finish when compared to the bulky iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 is the next in the series but it is almost confirmed that the company is not going to bring about any major changes to the phone. The designer who managed to get hold of inside sources and a tip on how the iPhone would look like has rendered it in such a way that it is pretty much the same as the outgoing model.

Apple is going to make the software really good and more intuitive than ever. Smartphone manufacturers that rely on Android OS continue to pick one or the other feature from iOS. The gesture-based navigation is all the rage right now as Android phones are moving towards a notch less, buttonless design as well. You can no longer find the back, home screen virtual keys on Android as they function more like iPhones these days.

The iOS 13 operating system running on iPhone XI will receive significant improvements in terms of software, design aesthetics and usability. However, it will be launched much earlier in the month of June during Apple’s Developer Conference. While the notch does not disturb the experience because they have been in vogue for two years now and users are comfortable having that big black bar on top, it is disturbing to see Apple not matching up with Samsung or even OnePlus which has completely removed any sort of cameras on the display.

The newly launched OnePlus 7 Pro uses a pop-up camera while Samsung uses punch hole camera. Even leaked renders of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 suggest that the company might provide a punch hole camera to make it less intrusive. Apple did not confirm any of these rumors but they did confirm that 5G phones are not coming up until 2020 and the notch is possibly thereto stay. If only they would surprise the crowd by coming up with an entirely new display and move the camera inside it so that one could enjoy more of the iOS 13 software without any disturbance on the display.

The renders are done by DBS Designing and the graphic designer Mr. Belaal Auckburaully is the one who has worked on it. He has managed to show us an iPhone without a notch or a punch hole but it looks more like a graphic wish-list than something which Apple is actually going to have in the iPhone 11 when it gets launched in a couple of months.

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