iPhone XC Comes with Quite a Big Price

iPhone XC Comes with Quite a Big Price

The good

The new line of iPhones will be soon released and there are many new features coming. Leaked information about the cheapest (and well-balanced) model and the news are not that great.

Several sources quote a Chinese carrier that leaked the name of the iPhone 9 in a marketing presentation. It seems that it will be actually named iPhone XC, remind us of the iPhone 5C. While this was expected there are more discouraging news ahead.

The bad

The same carrier has listed the prices for the devices, along with impressive price cuts; a reliable source has declared that the Phone XC may not have the budget price we anticipate.

According to the investment bank Goldman Sachs, the price of the iPhone XC will be $849, a significant increase over the previously rumored tag of $699. The news caused the rumored price for the XS to rise up to $999 and it seems the plus-sized iPhone XS MAX may b even more expensive. A Goldman Sachs analyst acknowledged that previous estimations were too conservative.

This comes up as disappointing news for people that were excited by what the iPhone XC offered and what seemed to be a convenient price.

The specs

The iPhone XC would mark another foray into bringing the Apple quality at a more affordable price range. The device will have a high-quality LCD screen that is set to be on par with previous iterations of the Retina display while the XS series will favor an OLED screen. It will be powered by a modified A12 processor (with every s-series with the device featuring an improved version of the chip used in the previous generation that was expected) although it is clear it will not be as powerful as the one used by its bigger brothers.

Along with the CPU 3GB of RAM will power the device, which is still enough for a non-flagship model, as it will allow you to play most games on near maximum settings(and score that sweet PUBG Mobile kills without being plagued by lag.) A 12MP sensor will make use of the improved photography functions added in iOS 12. On the battery side, a 2,700 mAh battery should offer enough juice to keep it alive during a day of moderate use.

A glimpse of the future

While it remains to be seen what is true and what is fiction on September 2, rumors about the 2019 generations of iPhones have already surfaced and it seems that Apple plans some bold changes.

According to a well-respected tech analyst, it seems that Apple is working on a fingerprint display technology that is will not available for the 2018 and 2019 iPhone generations. One reason for this choice is the fact that Face ID is the best facial recognition technology currently available and it has been embraced by most users. Another reason I the fact that FOD works better on OLED display and a half0functioning sensor on the iPhone XC along with the not so cheap price would certainly hurt the sales.

The move seems questionable, as Samsung is reportedly working on a superior Face ID alternative and the Samsung Galaxy s10 will sport a FOD sensor. This would put a lot of pressure on Apple’s statement that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, especially since the focus of smartphone security is multi-modal (a fancy word for multiple biometric sensors such as fingerprint, face and iris at the same time).

Facial recognition is not always convenient and users generally prefer to choose between what they like best so the move seems a bit brave.

It remains to be seen how good will the 201 iPhones be and with less than two days left Apple will leave a mark this year, even if it not exactly what certain users wanted.



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