iPhone X Comes Faster and Bigger – Everything You Need to Know

iPhone X Comes Faster and Bigger – Everything You Need to Know

Get ready for 12nd of September because Apple will let you meet the new iPhone X and before getting your hands on it we decided to delight you with what you should expect from this phone.

Even though the trio of iPhones we keep hearing about was not confirmed, a budget iPhone at a lower price and with less impressive specs, a bigger iPhone XS Plus and an iPhone XS might be released in the second week of this month.

Rumors keep spreading as the day of the release gets stronger, so we collected them all and presented them to you.

Faster and Bigger

The iPhone X at the moment is equipped with an edge-to-edge display measuring 5.8 inches that got the entire front of the flagship covered.

As more and more tech companies such as Samsung has started to launch as big phones as possible, Apple wants to keep up with the Joneses.

If you hoped for an iPhone X Plus, you might be delighted to hear that Apple will unveil on 12nd of September an iPhone XS Plus measuring 6.5 inches and having the same design as the current iPhone X.

If you thought that its modified size was all, you are wrong. The company might reveal its new A12 processor which will make the phone many times faster than the current model.

Even though Apple’s A11 Bionic brains are said to lead the market nowadays, the iPhone X might change this.

According to a recent report, this processor will help the battery last longer as it is significantly more efficient.

The Budget All-Screened iPhone

The first detail of the iPhone X which was highly criticised by Apple fans around the world was its price tag.

Even though it was Apple’s most expensive phone costing £1,000, it did not have any issues being sold as rumors estimated in the beginning. It also brought Apple the best iPhone revenue ever.

Although Apple’s revenue was not affected by this expensive iPhone, the company is aware that it might not be on everyone’s budget.

As a solution, many rumors suggest that on 12nd of September Apple will reveal the budget iPhone X at a lower price and with not so impressive specs compared to its siblings.

We do not know the exact price yet, but at least Apple will enter the Android battle on which company makes the cheaper and best phone.

Better Charging

Most iPhone users would complain about the amount of charging their phone needs so Apple listened to them and they will receive a fast charger along with their new device.

According to an image which was recently leaked, the new battery booster we are talking about might add, in a matter of minutes, hours of charge.

As no confirmation was received from Apple, we still hope this will happen as it made a lot of sense.

Another battery improvement might be to wireless charge your new iPhone faster.

As previously mentioned, the battery life of the new iPhone might also be improved by the A12 processor.

Extended Memory

As Samsung has released a 512GB of storage phone, Apple might not settle down and introduce a phone double its maximum of 256GB of memory as it has currently.

With more content being stored on our phones and with files expending, many smartphone owners demand more internal storage. Hopefully, Apple fans will receive what they want with this new update.

The Camera Gets Improved

Usually, Apple’s smartphone camera does not come with many disadvantages, but the company upgrades it every year.

With last year’s iPhone, you can take better pictures even though the light is low.

However, we are not sure how this year’s iPhone X’s camera will be improved, so we need to wait for 12nd of September.

New Colours

The last time Apple launched a device which came in multiple color schemes was a while ago, but it might be one of this year’s iPhone most significant feature.

The budget device, iPhone X might come in colors such as gold, red, and blue.

According to another image which was recently leaked, the new flagships might sport a shiny gold case.



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