iPhone X 2018 to Come with an Unpleasant Surprise in Store

Apple is trying to capture more and more possible buyers with this year’s lineup of devices. Multiple sources have stated that it is going to be cheaper and offer more display. With last year’s selection of iPhones being considerably expensive for the average buyer, this change might mark a pleasant moment in the evolution of the brand. However, you cannot have everything when it comes to phone and sacrificing price might inevitably lead to having to settle with lower quality of the device as a whole. If you want to find out exactly what we are talking about, then feel free to read more!

Geekbench surprise

It looks like the first Geekbench result for this year lineup of Apple smartphones have surfaced up online, and it is about time that we dig in and try to analyze them as best as we can. First of all, the main feeling that one has after looking at the result is that the phones have very subpar performance levels, lower than we expected from Apple for this year.

The first device listed is called iPhone 11,2, which most people think the link to Apple’s iPhone X Plus, and we also have iPhone 10,2 which is said to be iPhone 8 Plus. The tech giants next phones have small improvements, 10 percent more in the single-core performance department and just 5 percent more multi-core performance when compared to last year’s devices.

If on paper this looks disappointing, in reality, this might amount to little to no change in performance noticed by the average user. This will probably make iPhone fans slightly angry since performance reports for devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 show that the specs are way better than last year’s iPhones. And with new devices coming out in September which only have small upgrades this would imply that they would still underperform when compared to Samsung.

Despite this, there are some things that we can look forward to. One of them is that we now see 4GB of RAM available which would imply that performance wise things are going to go smoother than before.

Apple is trying very hard to sell us on iOS 12 since it is said to be way better than the buggy iOS 11. However, these upsides to not balance out the downsides of the devices and we are interested to see what Apple will bring to the table in order to drive sales for the 2018 iPhones.

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