iPhone 7 Will Not Have A Protruding iSight Camera And Line Antenna

This is the other report regarding the development of iPhone 7. The previous rumor that said iPhone 7 might have a protruding iSight camera and a line plastic antenna on its rear case will most likely change. On iPhone 6 and 6s series, these two things are mostly criticized. The protruding camera is considered to make the iPhone look asymmetrical. Furthermore, the criticize was posted on a video in which they scraped the protruding iSight in order to ask why Apple designed the iPhone 6′ camera while this didn’t happen to iPad Air 2, which has a thinner dimension.

The is good news for those critics because Apple’s upcoming iPhone most likely won’t have a protruding iSight camera. Apple seems has succeeded to develop a thinner camera sensor and lens yet better in quality.

iPhone 7 Will Not Have A Protruding iSight Camera And Line Antenna

Interestingly, the line plastic antenna on the rear case of iPhone 7 is not seen as well. Perhaps, Apple wants to implement their patent “Non-Capacitive or radio Frequency-Transparent Materials With Anodized Metal”.

Maybe Apple is concerned about that and makes the changes to their iPhone 7. The report also mentioned that the design of iPhone 7 will remain the same as iPhone 6/6s series except those two things. If this rumor is combined with the previous one, according to which Apple will remove the headphone jack on the upcoming iPhone, we can imagine iPhone 7 that may come with the minimalist look.

According to Apple annual schedule, this year, iPhone 7 will probably be announced in September. There are a few months left to make sure the information will not change.


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