iPhone SE2 – Three New Phones Might Launch in 2019

Enthusiasts who were expecting to see Apple’s iPhone SE2 might not get to enjoy it after all. A smartphone case maker who has a proven track record suggested that Apple’s smallest iPhone with a screen of just four inches may not get a sequel, at least not this year. But instead, as consolation, users might get to enjoy three larger phones as part of the company’s flagship lineup.

Olixar began production on an accessory line

According to Forbes magazine, Olixar already began production on its accessory line and there doesn’t seem to be any iPhone SE 2 in sight. Olixar is well known for leaking accurate designs for the iPhone X, iPhone 7 and also three Samsung Galaxy phones and this makes them trustworthy.

Rumors have been claiming that the phone will be an update for the 2016’s iPhone SE which brought an A9 processor and great features such as Apple Pay. iPhone SE 2 was supposed to be an upgraded version of this phone which was priced at $399.

The successor was supposed to sport either the same design with upgraded specs or a more radical format such as the style flaunted by the iPhone X.

Three new phones are reportedly coming in 2019

It really looks like there won’t be any iPhone SE 2 coming this year and instead, Apple prepared three phone for 2019. Olixar claims that Samsung will launch three new phones next year.

The first phone is an upgrade to the 5.8-inch iPhone X, having 5.65 inches by 2.79 inches. The second phone is a cheaper iPhone X, and maybe it will come with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, and it will measure 5.79 by 2.81 inches. The third phone is a premium large-size iPhone X, with a 6.5-inch display which will probably measure 6.18 by 3.03 inches.

iPhone SE 2 was never promised

A successor for the iPhone SE was never something that Apple promised, and the company somewhat followed an erratic schedule with the device. It was released back in March 2016, and this was about three years since it launched the iPhone 5S predecessor.

Apple’s flagship lineup usually follows a clockwork annual upgrade pattern. The SE was pretty unusually launched, and this might suggest that with this device Apple has been testing the market.

It is possible that the company returns with an SE 2 sometime in the future, but as we said, nothing is set in stone.

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