iPhone SE2: The 4 inch Device Many Wish to Own

iPhone SE2: The 4 inch Device Many Wish to Own

It is rarely that so much is written about a gadget not released. And when the device is Apple’s iPhone SE2, the sequel to the iPhone SE, the 4 inch phone that is still the darling of the users, particularly, the female users, it assumes additional dimensions. The iPhone SE2 was expected to have been launched in September 2018 when the other models of the smartphones were revealed by Apple. But then the expectations shifted to October 30 when Apple unveiled its new models of iPads and Macs but the iPhone SE 2 did not figure anywhere.

Rumors Were Strong About the Device

One may still nurse the hope that Apple will come out with this missing device soon. This hope is based on the kind of rumors coming out from different sources that a 4 inch phone is very much within the plans the Cupertino tech giant has for its product portfolio. As is known, these rumors are not without any base. Some component vendor or even a case maker for the models can be used as the source to bring out some tidbits here and there. Speculations over the iPhone SE2 are merely based on such leaks and the fans could assume that there may be delays but the model may see the light of day without having to wait for long.

The ‘Affordability’ Debate

The debate on the challenges Apple faces in the marketplace with its premium-priced iPhones has always led to this thinking that the only way Apple can increase its market share is by expanding its presence in different segments of the smartphone market. It is a matrix that has developed over the years and though the Chinese brands can be credited with shaping the market as it is obtained today, the reality may be beyond such narrow perspectives. So, you have the premium segment where Apple, Samsung and to a small extent Google may be present. And then there are several brands that sell their phones with different configurations.

While Samsung has a phone for every slot, Apple doesn’t. The iPhone SE was retained to serve a few limited causes. One was the user community that preferred a device with a small 4 inch+ screen that can be held in one palm and operated easily. The other was the market Apple was developing in price sensitive countries like China and India. This argument still holds and the iPhone SE2, if and when launched, may find more buyers in these countries. Some even argue that the latest iPhone XR is taking care of this lower-priced phone.

iPhone SE2 May Come in 2019

The other and more credible prediction on the status of the iPhone SE2 has come through an analyst who predicts that Apple may have exhausted its windows for release of devices for the calendar year and the iPhone SE2 may still be out in the market in 2019. It could even be a one-off device release event Apple may plan for this device.



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