iPhone SE2: Strong Suggestions of a 2019 Release, Rumored Specs

iPhone SE2: From the raising of doubts on Apple’s plans to launch the iPhone SE 2 and if it has shelved the idea and all that, the stage has reached where quite the opposite is being reported now. The iPhone SE2 will not only be released soon but its specifications etc. have also surfaced. The question is will Apple use the remaining days of this year to release the phone or wait till the New Year.

Some Arguments on iPhone XR Replacing SE2 Refuted

Though the indications so far have been that the possibility of the iPhone SE2 being released in early 2019 is the strongest, some market observers had been arguing that Apple needed a cheaper alternative to its $1000 and above flagships. With the launch of the iPhone XR, this slot has already been taken and therefore, the iPhone SE2 project is as good as shelved. But the counter-argument is being advanced that there can be no comparison between the $750 to $900 iPhone XR models to the $400 to $500 range that Apple sells the iPhone SE for. The other justification already reported is that there are specific markets like China and India where Apple feels the market exists for its 4-inch smartphones at the price points mentioned above. The iPhone SE 2 may be priced slightly lower or higher than this $400-$500 band, but one need not be surprised if Apple targets these markets, which otherwise generate huge volumes for mobile phones.

Some of the Rumored Specifications of the iPhone SE2

Those very confident that the iPhone with the smaller screen size is very much on Apple’s radar and that will be released in 2019 have gone a step further and reported the specifications and features of the proposed phone, subject to changes. These are rumors, possibly picked from Chinese sources, which says the phone may be getting manufactured. According to these, the display may see reduced bezels and a size of 4.2 inches. There may not be dramatic modifications to the specifications of the existing iPhone SE. This means the prominent Home button stays as it is. What Apple does with the headphone jack remains to be seen. There is a possibility it may be removed. The new iPhone SE 2 may get a new chipset, though not certain which. Then the RAM/ROM combination could be 2 GB / 32 GB or 2 GB / 64 GB. One may not be surprised if Apple decides to have 128 GB onboard storage as well. The imaging section can include a 12 MP camera in the rear and a 5 MP sensor in the front.

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