iPhone SE2 – Rumors Claim Launch Date to be April 3

The latest rumor on the release of the iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9 is that it could be on Friday, April 3, 2020, just after a March 31 event where other products may be released. You would have thought Apple would give more importance to the iPhone and release it first, but this is what, a German site claims. The March 31 event might be to introduce a number of other products like the new iPad Pro and a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

iPhone SE Launch Not Affected by Coronavirus

While some apprehensions were raised if Apple’s product release schedules this year, particularly in the first half, would be affected due to the Coronavirus scare in China, multiple reports refute this. As mentioned above, the German site has even given the date for the launch of the iPhone SE2. Ming-Chi Kuo, the regular analyst, has also said the release will be on schedule, though he mentions, first half. Kuo has referred to the 7-element plastic lens for the camera. He says the 7P lens will not figure in the iPhone SE2 and therefore there will be no delay in the phone’s launch. This implies the same 6P lens seen on the iPhone 8 will be fitted on this as well.

Apple iphone SE2 design

Apple Will Keep the Costs Low

Since there is an overwhelming consensus that the iPhone SE2 will be priced at $399, the sense is that the company may not be looking at adding too many new features that could push the cost up. Already, if you go by the rumors, the new phone will have the latest A13 Bionic chipset as the processor with 3GB RAM. This can be considered a huge bump in terms of the phone’s specs and performance over the iPhone 8, the platform on which the new phone is to be built. Some observers say, wherever Apple is still holding components of the iPhone 8 in inventory and which can be used on the new phone, the company may want to use them.

With just over a month left for these dates, you may hear more confirmed news on the launch of the long-awaited release of the iPhone SE2.

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