iPhone SE2: New LCP Antenna Production to Commence in Early 2020

Reiterating his earlier predictions, Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo has given out more details on the budget segment iPhone from Apple, the iPhone SE2. This time, Kuo has shared some details of the special antenna the iPhone will be sporting, made from liquid crystal polymer. He has confirmed that Apple’s suppliers of the antenna will start making the antennas from early 2020. As per the information available, largely through the revelations from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is likely to launch this device in the first quarter of 2020.

LCP Substrate – An Efficient Material for Antenna

Apple has chosen the right material for the antenna for the iPhone SE2. This Liquid Crystal Polymer or LCP substrate is considered an ideal material for making antenna. This can pick up radio frequency signals across a range and its cost is not very high as well. LCP’s electrical properties can be good enough to be used for even 5G applications as it is compatible with the mmWave signals.

iPhone SE 2

Apple is expected to draw its supplies of this LCP antenna from Career Technologies and Murata Manufacturing and these suppliers are likely to start making these antennas from the beginning of next year. This is part of what Ming-Chi Kuo has shared in his research note. One can assume the earlier prediction that it will be around March 2020 that Apple will unveil this new iPhone. It is not clear if it will be called the iPhone SE2 or by some other name. Since it is expected to follow the iPhone 8 form factor, some say Apple may call it the iPhone 8s while others say even iPhone 9 could be chosen as the moniker. Apple jumped to the iPhone X from the iPhone 8.

Predictions on the Other Specs & Price Unchanged

To recap what can be expected out of the iPhone SE2, the device is likely to have a 4.7-inch display, a new A13 Bionic chipset as the processor and 3 GB RAM. There could be two internal storage options, 64 GB and 128 GB. As mentioned in earlier dispatches, Apple will drop the 3D Touch technology in this low-priced model and instead include a new Haptic Touch technology.

With regard to pricing, Ming-Chi Kuo is clear that Apple will fix the price of this 4.7-inch iPhone SE2 at $399 in the US. That could be the starting price for the 64 GB variant.

Many of the details appearing here appear to be credible and if this indeed happens, Apple will certainly end up reaching higher sales of its iPhones in the year 2020.

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