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iPhone SE2 Case Maker Strengthens the Rumors of an Imminent Launch

iphone SE2 Cover

It is strange that this one iPhone model has been rumored for a very long period and still has not seen the light of day. The successor to the iPhone SE, a budget phone which first came out in 2016, has been rumored to be in the works though Apple Inc has made no mentions of it in any of its dispatches. Towards the end of 2019, the rumors had become stronger indicating that the company has already placed the orders and that the phone will be out in the first quarter of 2020. The latest to press home this speculation is the case maker Totallee with a thin case meant for the iPhone SE2. The case maker believes the phone will be out in March 2020.

Nothing to Scotch the Rumors

With so much being written about this smartphone from Apple on how it will follow the design and form factor of the iPhone 8 and some calling it the iPhone 9, there has been no denial of any of these claims. On the other hand, a person like Ming-Chi Kuo who invariably gets it right on Apple-related news has also given credence to these rumors. According to him, the display of this new phone will be 4.7-inches, the same as the iPhone 8 and will be fitted with the same A13 Bionic chipset as in the iPhone 11. There have been drawings released earlier explaining how the phone will have the LCP antenna etc.

iphone SE2 case

Case makers have done this in the past as well. They are independent of the phone makers. They choose the most reliable leaks and use a bit of technology to design and make the cases and covers. Their interest in this is that when the phone is released if their cases are already available in the market, they can make a killing. If they were to wait for the phone to be released and then they made the covers, they could lose out to the competition. There is an element of risk involved. However, market wisdom carries the day.

Most Experts Still Hanging on to the $399 Prediction

Another factor constant about this iPhone SE2 rumors has been that most have predicted that Apple will price it at $399, the same price it sold the iPhone SE. The company wants to capture the markets where the price is the major criterion for its not being able to penetrate. Some observers have felt Apple wants to expand the customer base for its services like Apple Music and this low-priced model will help it achieve that as well.

So, does this confirm a March release for the iPhone SE2? Wait with fingers crossed.

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