iPhone SE 2: Will We Receive the Phone After All?

iPhone SE 2: Will We Receive the Phone After All?

iPhone SE 2: At this point, the iPhone SE 2 might be a myth. Despite the fact that Apple released three brand new iPhones, there is still a lot of talk about a successor for the iPhone SE. That is because the current phones in the iPhones line-up do offer great features, but there are some things that they can’t provide.

iPhone SE represented an affordable iPhone, and it was a handset that came with a small screen, which matched our hand easily. The latest iPhones don’t offer us these things. If we take a look at their prices, they are the most expensive iPhones in history, and if we look at our displays we can see that they are very large.

Therefore, most customers were hoping that we would get to see an iPhone SE 2 release. Many believed that Apple would launch the product this autumn, but that did not happen. At the moment, some users believe that we will never receive this device, while others simply think that the release was delayed.

Leaks, rumors, and speculations

Apple had two events this autumn, and they released new devices at each one. That gave us hope for an iPhone SE 2 release as well. Back in September, the company launched three different iPhones: the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. Another event took place last month, but, once again we did not receive a successor for iPhone SE. Instead, Apple released the new MacBook Air, the new Mac mini, as well as new iPad Pro models. We also got some accessories as well.

This was confusing for many users, as there had been many reports that seemed to indicate that Apple will release the iPhone SE 2 at one point. For example, there was information which showed us that a 4-inch handset was indeed created. There was plenty of evidence for it, including case makers, marketing leaks and other sources. Despite all the proofs, there was no 4-inch iPhone.

Back in June, many users lost their hope after some reports revealed that Apple had given up on its 4-inch device. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, also added that he believes that Apple does not have the resources to release a new iPhone this year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the company already released three different iPhones. However, Kuo also offered us some hope, making us believe that there is a chance that the device will be released at some point next year. When it comes to his predictions he is usually not wrong, so we will have to wait and see.

One thing is sure, there will be no iPhone SE 2 release this year. That is because 2018 is almost over, and Apple has already released plenty of products this year. It would’ve been hard to release the iPhone SE 2 with the others since Apple tried to present the iPhone XR as the affordable option. Therefore, a 2019 release might make sense.


Despite the fact that Apple has not mentioned one word about the iPhone SE 2, there is plenty of information floating around online. Therefore, there are some expected specifications. It is hard to say whether the information is real (especially since we don’t even know whether iPhone SE 2 exists), but there seem to be multiple sources confirming some of the details.

For example, it was revealed that the handset would come with a 4.2-inch display. This would be a bit bigger than the original device, but according to some reports, that is just because there will be reduced bezels. This means that the size of the iPhone will remain the same one like the one of the original SE, despite the fact that the display would be bigger.

Sources also told us that the device will be 7.3 mm thick. The design should be a traditional one, and there should be a home button. Another report mentioned the fact that there will be no headphone port for the phone.

When it comes to its inside, it was expected that the iPhone SE 2 would come with the A10 Fusion chip, just like the one that iPhone 7 has. The handset is supposed to have 2 GB of RAM, and in terms of storage, there should be two different options: 32 GB and 128 GB. The colour options should be the same ones as for iPhone 8: Silver, Space Grey and Gold.

Why should Apple release the iPhone SE 2?

You might believe that Apple does not really need the iPhone SE 2. As a company which sells high-end products, an affordable device doesn’t seem like a priority. However, the truth is that releasing an accessible iPhone would help iPhone a lot. That is because the handset would help the company cover the market even more, and it would definitely increase the number of customers.

According to the Chinese Economic Daily, an iPhone codenamed “Hangzhou” is already in the works. It also appears that Apple is planning to release it just in China and India. If the information is true, it would definitely make sense. At the moment, Apple is not the most popular choice in those market. We shouldn’t forget that China has its own phone manufacturers and they have plenty of customers. Releasing an affordable iPhone in that country would help Apple increase its sales.



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