iPhone SE 2: Prediction and Latest Leaks About Its Size

iPhone SE 2: Prediction and Latest Leaks About Its Size

iPhone SE: The iPhone SE (Special Edition) was released back in March 2018. The smartphone had the design of the iPhone 5S, but it had several internal upgrades. The iPhone SE was a popular choice among customers because it represented the most affordable model in the iPhone line-up. Its small size was also considered an advantage by many users. Nonetheless, Apple discontinued it back in September, and a successor for it has not been yet announced.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that there aren’t any leaks and rumors about the release of the iPhone S2 2. We collected all the information available and we are ready to share it with you. Let’s analyse all the available data together.

No official information

Apple had two major events in the last months, but neither one had any announcement related to the iPhone SE 2. In fact, many people believe that there won’t be such a product. If we take a look at the iPhones released by Apple, the only one that could resemble the iPhone SE is iPhone XR. That is because it is more affordable, and it costs “only” $749.

However, even if the price is more accessible, its size is still considered too big by many users. The iPhone SE represented the perfect alternative for people who don’t like large phones and prefer smaller ones. The iPhone XR has a 6.1.-inch LCD screen and the price remains higher than the one of the iPhone SE.


Experts predicted that Apple will release a budget version for the iPhone X. For example, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believed that a September release is possible for the cheap alternative of the iPhone X. While there was indeed an Apple event that took place on 12 September (as well as one that took place on 30 October), Apple users did not receive the device that they were hoping for.

Instead, we received the iPhone XR, which does have some similarities, such as the LCD display. Experts also predicted that the Apple event will announce the successors of the iPhone X, and this is something that happened. The Apple Special Even unveiled the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

Small size

As we mentioned before, the iPhone SE became so popular because it was the smallest handset in the iPhone line-up. Since nowadays most smartphones come with large displays, iPhone SE represented a better alternative for many users. However, if we analyze carefully the dimensions, we can see that the differences aren’t major. For example, iPhone SE is 123.8 mm by 58.6 mm and 7.6 mm thick, while iPhone X is 143.6 mm by 70.9 mm, and 7.7 mm thick.

Will we get an actual iPhone SE 2?

While some users have accepted the fact that the iPhone XR is the successor for iPhone SE 2, others have not lost the hope that they will receive an iPhone SE2. This is not something impossible, and Apple might, in fact, consider releasing the much-awaited iPhone SE 2.

A spring release wouldn’t be that surprising, and if the iPhone SE 2 will come next spring, we’d get it three years after the first one. Releasing such a handset would be a good idea because there are many users looking for a cheaper and/or smaller iPhone alternative.

The end of the iPhone SE legacy

There are also many voices that claim that we won’t receive an iPhone SE 2. Before the spring 2018 launch window, experts already predicted that the iPhone SE 2 won’t make an appearance. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, that happened because Apple “used up its development resources”.

It shouldn’t surprise us that Apple did not launch the iPhone SE 2. Even if they haven’t abandoned this project, we must remember that three different iPhones were released this year, and they require all the attention of the company. A fourth release would have been overwhelming.

Other experts claim that Apple won’t bring another iPhone with a small screen, because there isn’t enough demand for it. Huaquang Research analyst Pan Juitang explained that most customers prefer large displays because they can use them for games, movie, TV shows and other activities that require a big screen.


If we take a look at the iPhone SE prices we can see that in the United States you can purchase the 32 GB option for $399, and the 129 GB one for $449. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, you have to spend £379 for the 32 GB model and £479 for the 128 GB model. If we receive the iPhone SE 2, the prices should be similar.


There are plenty of rumours related to the iPhone SE design as well. One of the most popular theories was that the iPhone SE 2 will come with the iPhone X display, including the notch, but it will be a lot smaller. However, this theory died when iPhone XR was released and we could notice that it already used that design.

Some iPhone SE 2 sketches also surfaced online, and we could observe that there was a notch at the top and no home button. Additionally, there was no headphone jack (which shouldn’t surprise us). A screen protector posted by Sonny Dickson also revealed that there was a top notch and the display was a lot smaller.

There were also rumoured which mentioned dual cameras on the rear of the phone. This is something that the iPhone X has as well, but it is hard to believe that an affordable handset could pack the dual cameras.


The iPhone SE 2 remains a mystery as we can’t tell for sure whether Apple will ever release it. Since most leaks and rumors present the phone as a “smaller iPhone X” it would have made more sense to release it during the September event. At the moment we can only speculate and wait until Apple will release some official info about the iPhone SE.



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