iPhone SE 2 Latest Leaks and Rumors – What There Is To Know So Far

iPhone SE 2 Latest Leaks and Rumors – What There Is To Know So Far

There is always a big hype when it comes to Apple. The giant company is a fierce competitor on the mobile market. It also has a history of releasing phones which have outstanding specs. The problem, however, is that most of their smartphones are quite pricey and the average buyer cannot afford to dish out almost one thousand dollars to buy the latest phone, regardless of the fact that it performs well and that it is very well made.

This is why the company recently decided to branch out and come out with a more affordable smartphone, the iPhone SE. When it was released back in 2016 the phone wowed Apple fans with its affordable price and the specs that were good enough for this price range. However, the time has passed, and nowadays phones have become better, with new features and new hardware pieces. So fans had also started to wonder when the next SE smartphone was going to be released.

Today we will be talking about the recent rumors regarding the phone and which ones are to be trusted and which ones are not likely the truth.

The hype around iPhone SE 2

Since the original iPhone SE was so well received fans of the big tech company are always interested to hear more about the possible release date of the SE 2. News article about this smartphone generate a large number of clicks, but it is essential to distinguish between false rumors and real ones.

When it will be released

Rumors have started to spread and the biggest one going around states that Apple is going to unveil the SE 2, named iPhone SE 2018, during the Worldwide Developers Conference which is going to take place very soon. However, the problem with that is the fact that the event is usually software oriented.

Apple has unveiled some hardware devices as well. Last year we saw the company unveil new iPads, MacBooks and even the HomePod smart speaker. Despite the fact that numerous sources point to a series of updates about the iPhone SE 2 happening at WWDC, one reliable source talks about the fact that we will have to wait for more to hear about this smartphone.

The source that we are referring to is a Japanese blog title Macotakara. This publication claimed that the production line for the second generation iPhone SE has not even started yet. They stated that according to a Chinese accessory manufacturer, we did not get an explicit name, unfortunately, the phone is going to arrive in the third business quarter of this year.

The third quarter begins in July and ends in September. We tend to believe the Japanese blog since its predictions fall in line with last year’s events when Apple decided to unveil the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X all in September.

Three prototypes

The same Japanese blog has also said that at the moment there are three prototypes available for this device. One of these prototypes has the same size as the original SE.

The second one has a screen with a display that is said to be 6 inches. We do not know more details about the third prototype. What we do know is that all of these prototypes have the notched display and that they also do not have the Touch ID button. This means that they are somewhat similar to iPhone X.

Smaller top-notch – possible or not?

Some rumors suggest that the phone will also come with a smaller top notch. Apple’s iPhone X’s top-notch size was 27.94 mm and the size of Apple’s rumored SE 2 is said to be 18.7mm. Now, is it possible that Apple could have found a way to make all the sensors that are housed in the top-notch smaller? Yes, it is very likely, but it seems hard to believe that they would have been able to that in such a small amount of time after the release of iPhone X. So do take this information with a grain of salt since Apple has made no announcement confirming that this rumor is the truth.

Size of the phone

A report coming from Forbes states that the CAD designs are a clear indicator that the size of the phone is going to come at 4.8 x 2.2 inches. Now, since the report also says that Apple is going to go with a bezel-less design, then we may see the phone pack a more prominent display size of up to 5 inches. The current SE has a display of just 4 inches.

We also know that the phone is going to have a glass back and that it will probably have no headphone jack as well.

Cases already available

Some supposed renders for the SE 2 have recently surfaced online, coming from Olixar. Now, leaks usually happen, but it is doubtful that a company would give them out so willingly. Some mobile accessories companies have already started to announce that they have created a couple of cases that will fit this model which appears in the renders. Don’t go around buying a case for a phone that has not even been launched.

We suggest that you wait until we hear what Apple has to say about this phone. We believe that they will announce something about it at WWDC. Until then, all of these rumors are just rumors, and anything can happen. The design of the phone has not even been confirmed yet so don’t buy a case that may not fit the iPhone SE 2.



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