iPhone SE 2: It Might Come in the First Part of 2019 with Awesome Features and Cool Specs

iPhone SE 2: It Might Come in the First Part of 2019 with Awesome Features and Cool Specs

iPhone SE2: The iPhone SE has been very appreciated by users who prefer a 4-inch device instead of larger models which are considered flagships in their line. The handset was released approximately 2 years ago and came with specs similar to the iPhone 6s.

Even if the smartphone was considered a modern piece of Apple’s collection, there is still room for improvement. Since users asked for an improved version of SE, developers have to conform and it looks like their wish will soon be granted.

Rumors say that the iPhone SE 2 might be released this year or in the 1st part of 2019

Earlier in 2018, TrendForce, the Taiwanese research company spread some rumours according to which Apple is going to release a second version of the iPhone SE. Their theory also mentioned that the device will be manufactured by one of the company’s producers from Taiwan – Wistron. In addition, the SE 2 will be made in a factory from Bangalore, India.

Considering this team’s success in developing previous handsets, SE fans are anxious to see what the second-generation phone form the series would look like. So far, no information is confirmed, although the device was expected to be released this year in September.

However, nothing remains a secret in the information era, so most of SE 2 features leaked through various sources. If the new iPhone is released, it will have specs similar to iPhone 8 and X. The handset can have great success, especially because the SE was initially released because Apple wanted to offer their users the chance to buy a cheaper iPhone with the same awesome specs as more expensive versions.

Now, when the end of 2018 is getting closer, analysts from the tech market say that we might see the iPhone SE 2 in the 1st part of 2019. Until then, let’s find out more about the handset’s features and why it’s so similar to other devices released by Apple.

iPhone SE 2 will have a design similar to the first phone from the line

According to a Chinese report published this year in February, there aren’t many differences between the iPhone SE and SE 2 when it comes to design. This idea is supported by concept illustrations and leaked photos which present a part of iPhone SE 2’s specs.

They show some news about the SE 2’s display – it looks like it will have 4.2 inches, so it will be larger than its predecessor. Also, the new handset will come with slimmer dimensions. It will have a thickness of 7.3 mm, just like iPhone 8.

And no, it won’t follow the pattern of iPhone X and have an all-screen display. SE 2’s shape will have a classical iPhone shape, so the fingerprint recognition will be supported by the Home button situated on the front.

A Macotakara reported presented at the beginning of this year claims that the new iPhone will come without a headphone port. This means that Apple wants to give users a completely wireless device, but the users’ reaction to this change still remains to be seen.

Colour options are a completely new approach

On the other hand, the colour scheme could be seen as an attempt to mark a completely new design idea. The SE 2 could be available in the same colours as the iPhone 8 – Silver, Space Grey and Gold. Instead of having two Gold shades to choose from, SE 2 buyers might be willing to acquire the Rose Gold version.

The new handset will feature cool inside specs

The same Chinese report which talks about designs mentions some internal functionality details. They say that iPhone SE 2 will function with A10 Fusion chip as the iPhone 7 does. Even if the first device form the SE line has A9 chip, both handsets will sport the same storage capacity – 2GB of RAM and the possibility to choose from 32GB or 128GB internal memory.

The screen is another question mark. Like we mentioned before, the SE 2 could have a 4.2-inch screen. It’s wider than its predecessor, but the extra size might be given by the reduced bezels. In addition, the Home button will be kept within the new iPhone.

Another theory is that Apple is planning to introduce a 6.1 LCD-TFT screen on this iPhone which is supposed to a low-cost device. However, their plans don’t include other high-end phones which will continue to function with OLED screens.

SE 2’s camera is another outstanding spec. The phone could come with a 5Mp or 7Mp FaceTime camera with Retina Flash. This update will replace the 1.2Mp FaceTime camera found within iPhone SE. Other than this, the new iPhone will have a camera with features like 12-megapixels and f/2.2 aperture, no bumps and others.

Of course, a system so powerful can only be supported by a strong battery. SE 2 accumulator’s power has been raised to 1,700mAh. This improvement was necessary because a larger display needs more power.

Awesome features make a great smartphone

Face ID

So far, we understood that Face ID recognition means an edge-to-edge screen without Home button. However, if they found a way to introduce it in the new iPhone SE, this means that we could also get Animoji and the Portrait Mode on the selfies made with the camera from the front.

Up until this point, we don’t know if it’s possible to introduce a feature like Face ID in the iPhone SE 2. However, if Apple launches the updated version of the SE model, we will definitely see the Touch ID Home button.

Wireless charging

If the company founded by Steve Jobs is planning to introduce completely wireless devices, the battery charging has to be done in the same way as well. If the iPhone SE 2, also called X SE comes with a glass back panel, the phone could be charged without a cable. Considering the enlarged battery power and the wide display, wireless charging would be a useful feature.

Enhanced NFC capabilities

NFC chips allow iPhone users to perform various online operations without worrying about security. Initially, their capacity was limited to payments through Apple Pay, but SE 2 might give its owner the possibility to identify other users, access security doors and more. The NFC capability is so secure that even Apple employees use it at an internal level.

News about the SE 2’s release date

Every time when a new smartphone is expected, developing companies seem to prolong the fans waiting period intentionally. It could be a marketing strategy, but it could also mean that they want to revolutionize the market with top-notch technology and high-end devices.

The launch of iPhone SE 2 is not confirmed yet, but people were expecting to see the handset this year in September. Until now, Apple hosted two special events, but nothing happened; they didn’t mention anything about the new iPhone.

In this case, new predictions are made around the SE 2’s release date. Some analysts say that the handset might be released in the spring of 2019, three years after the first SE version was launched.


iPhone SE is considered to be a more affordable phone, so it costs around $400. For example, in the United States, the 32GB version costs $399 and the 129GB model can be bought for $499. In the UK, people who want to have the 32GB SE have to pay 379 GBP and those who want the version with more storage will take 479 GBP out of their pockets.

Since the new iPhone is expected to be an updated version of SE, it’s reasonable to think that it will have a similar price if it’s ever launched. However, if the SE 2 will have a 6.1 inches LCD screen, the price could easily jump towards $700, respectively £700. This scenario is not according to iPhone SE line’s purpose, because the device wouldn’t be budget-friendly, as it’s supposed to be.


Even if it launches, iPhone SE 2 might not be available everywhere in the world. Recent reports claim that China and India might receive lower-end models with lower prices. This theory was launched by Economic Daily, so it can be true.

Another idea concerning iPhone SE 2’s availability in the world is that India will be the first country which gets to see the device. This information doesn’t seem so reliable, if we were to consider the country’s economic potential and Apple’s intention to develop a model, especially for the Indian market.

Since we cannot be sure when and if iPhone SE 2 will appear, we cannot take any information for granted. We will have to wait and see if the smartphone’s launch becomes reality and then decide if we want to buy it or not.

If it comes with a price similar to iPhone SE, we can consider it an option. Unfortunately, we cannot see it as a cheaper iPhone if it will have 6.1 inches LCD screen.



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