iPhone SE2: Fresh Rumors on the Phone’s Release in 2020

The iPhone SE 2 is one smartphone about which more pages have been written than on the devices already in the market. For over a year now, rumors and speculations have been suggesting that the company will be launching the compact-sized phone but, that has not materialized. Once more, there are strong indications that the 4.8-inch display smartphone will be launched by Apple next year, if not this year itself. The basis for this new development appears to be inputs received through some Apple suppliers which are not unusual. There have been other reports too, from some analysts, giving the same hint that the release of the iPhone SE 2 is around the corner.

The Popularity of the Compact Phone Has Not Diminished

One factor that Apple cannot overlook is that there is a distinct market out there for its iPhone SE or the compact sub-5 inch phone. This has been confirmed in many ways including the company’s own attempts to offer the device on Sale on its website. The phones got gobbled up just within a day. Apart from that, there have been consistent reports how phone buyers still consider a smaller screen an advantage but would want a phone priced lower. They may also have got used to the iOS environment and would prefer to buy an iPhone than any other brand. So, these are the two critical elements, size, and price. If Apple can address these two in the new edition of the iPhone SE which may be called the iPhone SE 2, then the market acceptability of that device is as good as assured.

iPhone SE 2 2020

Some Key Changes Expected

Going back to the expectations now projected for the iPhone SE 2, the display size will be retained at 4.8 inches and it would be the AMOLED display. The real estate on the screen, however, will be expanded to offer ‘edge-to-edge’, something like on the iPhone X, cutting down on the bezels throughout. There would be a notch left for the front camera. Almost everyone seems to agree that the Touch ID will be given a go by and will be replaced with a Face ID. The Home button could also be dispensed with. With these primary changes, the estimation is that Apple will price the phone at around $600.

Naturally, there are those who do not fully agree with these predictions. On the price factor, for example, there is an apprehension that if the OLED display is going to be included, then the $600 price tag appears low. There are also questions being raised on the logic of calling the phone the iPhone SE 2. Will the ‘Special Edition’ tag hold good today?

With Apple, however, nothing is certain until the company makes an official announcement.

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