iPhone SE 2 2018 New Features and Improvements – Better Than iPhone X?

Following the big success of Apple’s iPhone SE a few years ago, its successor is just about to be unveiled. There have been ongoing rumors about this new small-screen member of the iPhone family and we’ve just learned about a new feature that will make iPhone SE 2 stand out amongst the competition. When it comes to the appearance, this new iPhone device will have the Glass back, resembling the one of iPhone X. But there is more than that!

The new iPhone SE 2 is rumored to have a notch display, another similarity to iPhone X. However, for now, it cannot be confirmed, as the leaked video, on which this rumor is based, may not be showing the final version of the product, but just an early prototype.

The feature that grabs most of the attention though, is a function that would allow people to securely unlock their cars and doors. This is possible through the greatly expanded capabilities of a built-in NFC chip. So far, this has been in use with Apple Payments, which is allowing users to pay in a safe way. Soon, thanks to the new iOS 12, Apple will provide additional security not only for your purchases but also for your house and your car! Moreover, according to some reports, it will be possible to pay transit fares by simply using your phone.

All of this should not come as a surprise since numerous Apple employees have been already using this technology in their work environment in order to gain access to buildings and offices. It’s not known yet if all of these options will be available on the new iPhone SE 2 2018, but hopefully, we will learn more during the upcoming WWDC 2018, which starts on the 4th of June.

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