iPhone Rear Camera

One of the core features of the iPhones is the exceptional rear camera that is capable of taking the perfect and crystal-clear shots. Apple offers the highest quality of images through its excellent range of rear cameras. The camera specifications offered by the iPhones are exceptional in comparison to the other smartphones. With so many exciting rear camera features, the least that the users wish for is some kind of problems with their rear or front camera.


However, several users have encountered some hardware or software issues with the rear camera of their iPhones. Some of the common issues faced by the iPhone users with respect to the rear camera include:

  • Screen goes black or blank
  • The camera shutter not opening
  • Camera hangs
  • Camera not saving pictures
  • Blurred picture
  • Camera flash does not sync with the shots
  • Unable to spot the camera app

In case your iPhone’s rear camera is facing any of the above hardware or software issues, then you need to fix it to enjoy a seamless photography experience. Here are some of the potential solutions that could help you out:



  • You can force the camera app to close. Sometimes, the background functioning of the camera app could get stuck. At such times, you can force the camera app to close. For this, you would need to tap on the home button two times. Here you will get a preview of the apps that you must have used recently. You can spot the camera app and then, swipe it up to close the same. Now, you need to go back to the Home screen and launch the camera app again from there. This might restore the normal functioning of the rear camera of your Apple device.

  • Another solution to resolve the rear camera issues could be to restart the iPhone. You need to hold down the Home button along with the Sleep/Wake button together for around 20-30 seconds. This would make the Apple logo appear on the screen and your phone would restart on its own. Several users have reported the camera issues getting resolved on restarting the phone.
  • For the blurred pictures, most of the time, the rear camera gets stuck with some sort of debris or dust. You can try cleaning the surface of the rear camera properly to remove the dirt accumulation. This might make the picture clearer at an instant.
  • If the rear camera is still not functioning well, then you might consider upgrading your iPhone to the latest version of the iOS operating system. This would resolve the camera issues, at the same time it would also introduce some new features to your device.
  • In case you are not able to see the Camera app on the whole, then it must have been blocked accidentally. To solve this issue, you can go to Settings > General > Restrictions. Here, you can check under the option as Allow to ensure that your camera app is toggled on. This should fix the issue and you would be able to see the Camera app again on your Home screen.
  • The final solution would be to do a factory reset of your device to restore all the settings properly. You can head to Settings > General > Reset. Here, you would come across the option Factory Reset. You can click on the same and your phone would restore all its settings. However, it would also delete all the information like images, videos, contacts and much more from the phone. Therefore, you would need to create a backup of the important files in advance.