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iPhone 9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Updates – What We Know So Far?

The iPhone 8, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of this lineup, looks quite promising. However, we also have some reports that have surfaced about the iPhone 9. You must know from the start that this is a presumed title, since we don’t know already whether Apple is going to indeed use this name for it. There is in fact a debate on the topic of whether the company will name the next device iPhone 8 or not.

iPhone 9 Rumors

According to Korean media, the iPhone 9 will surely include an OLED technology that has some tight connections with the iPhone 8. It’s no surprise whatsoever, since many sources anticipated that the OLED screens will see their debut on the iPhone 8. However, The Investor reported that Samsung will be the only supplied of such panels for the iPhone 9. Meanwhile, the size of the screen that will be used for the device will increase considerably.

Galaxy S9 Information

At the same time, there are lots of rumors going around about the next-gen Galaxy S9, and all of them are quite interesting. Of course, it’s quite early to talk about this device now, but at least we have the Galaxy S8 out there, not like with the iPhone.

The Bell, which is yet another Korean publication, released the information that Samsung is already working on the Galaxy S9. From what it seems, they have codenamed the device “Star”, and they already made up the development schedule for a couple of years ahead. One rumored release date is March 2018, and the publication claims that the company would use the Infinity display for the phone.

Moreover, it may well be that the Galaxy S9 is the first device that is going to offer 4K resolution, which is really impressive!

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