iPhone 9 Leaks on Possible Features and Technologies Used

Every time there are rumors about new iPhones being developed, expect speculations to be flying about. Different people come up with different ideas of what the next iPhone will look like. Most of the time, concepts are born based on what is good and lacking from the previous models.

The following leaks and rumors below are no different. They are features that smartphone users want to see and would have wanted to see in the iPhone 7 or the upcoming iPhone 8.

  • Better battery performance and design

This particular rumor may become a reality as there are speculations that LG Chem will be the sole supplier of the Apple iPhone 9’s battery. It boasts of an L-shaped, two-cell battery design that is known to enhance charging speed, making it faster and shorter. The switch to an L-shaped battery from the rectangular lithium ion batteries is said to help better maximize internal space.

  • Long-range wireless charging

The latest 2017 iPhone models now feature a limited version of wireless charging where a mobile phone is placed on a charging mat. Although it is convenient, it is not exactly a game changer what with the need for both elements to be in constant contact. This is why people are looking forward to the possibility of a long-range wireless charging that Apple may be able to deliver for the long term.

Cryptic comments coming from a charging company’s CEO suggests that Apple could be developing a technology that will allow charging at a distance of about 1 meter through the use of near-field magnetic resonance or something more ambitious.

  • Motion charging

Apple is reportedly considering using the motion charging approach that has been used in the Apple Watch. It charges up a battery cell through the use of kinetic energy produced from your own movements. The traditional process is to harness the power of your arm swinging back and forth through your wristwatch.

Similar methods have already been used by wearable phone chargers. Although it takes 5000 steps to add an extra hour of life to an average phone’s battery, innovation and future improvements could help it achieve mass-market acceptance. If Apple pulls it off, the next iPhone models, including the iPhone 9, could be charged in more ways than one.

  • Retractable OLED screen

As if building an iPhone with an OLED display is not impressive enough, there are also rumors that the next model could have a retractable screen made up of support slats that furl and unfurl when a latch is released. The screen will retract into barrel-shaped housings that may be made of aluminum or other suitable materials.

It is doubtful that iPhones will sport a similar design, but many smartphone users consider the idea to have merit. If it happens, the speakers and microphone are likely to be mounted on the housing.

  • Curved design

In August of last year, there were reports that Apple filed patents for an iPhone with a curved glass with virtual buttons on the sides. This theory was further enhanced in January 2017 when Apple’s hardware partner, Japan Display, confirmed that they are making flexible screens. Although they did not specify that the product is for Apple, connections were made.

Watch out for more iPhone 9 details worth knowing about.

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