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iPhone 9 Leaks – What Should We Expect?

Despite the fact that there are still a couple of months to go until the release of the iPhone 8, there are already rumors going around about the iPhone 9. The Korea Economic Daily has recently presented a report which is most likely about the Apple 2018 iPhone model. They said that the tech giant has asked for LG’s help to supply the batteries for the upcoming iPhone 9.

A Change in Tradition

This decision is quite a stray from Apple’s tradition. Usually, they asked several suppliers for different iPhone components. This was a strategy that ensured they have the best pricing that was available on the market. Moreover, it was also a way to protect themselves against technical or manufacturing issues.

Under these circumstances, the only conclusion we can draw is that the design and the performance of the LG product impressed Apple and made them select only one supplier. The report shows that the battery used for the iPhone 9 will have an L shape. Apparently, this design was chosen with the purpose of getting as much as possible from the internal space. As we all know, each version of the iPhone makes it harder and harder to take advantage of the limited space existing in any device.

More Rumors on the Way

According to the rumors, it seems that the battery life on the future iPhone 8 will be better than on the iPhone 7 Plus. If you didn’t know, the iPhone 7 Plus offers 13 hours of browsing on the LTE, 15 hours of browsing on the Wi-Fi and 60 hours of audio playback on a wireless connection with only one charge. If the upcoming iPhone 8 will manage to be better than this device, then we should expect something truly impressive with the iPhone 9.

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