iPhone 9 Latest Designer Leaks Available

iPhone 9 Latest Designer Leaks Available

With iPhone 8 around the corner and Apple promising to revolutionize the iPhone concept and design, some people even dare to think even further away into the future: iPhone 9.

A designer dares to adventure himself into the future

A graphic designer from Tel Aviv, “Prince Studio”, has dared to imagine how the iPhone 9 will look like. The graphic designer has imagined many new featured which could be included in the iPhone 9, with a hypothetical iOS 12 software update and a redesigned user interface. This would not be surprising at all since Apple promises to bring major changes with each new iPhone version.

Processor and internal hardware

Prince Studio imagined that iPhone 9 will have its own internal graphic processor. This might not be far from the truth since Apple has recently admitted that it is working for creating its own technology. The giant company’s purpose is to deliver unique and different products to fans.

Another rumor is that iPhone 9 will come with 5G technology, providing super fast Wi-Fi. Other upgrades expected include 4K resolution and L-shapped battery.

It might be a little late to talk about possible specs; however it is believed that Apple will make its own GPU. Also many believe the device will run on a 10-nanometer A 11 chip.

Release date or future announcements

There are still four months left until the release of iPhone 8 and there is no official talk about iPhone 9. However, many are expecting it to be released in September next year. Apple has not admitted that it is working on a new smartphone as of yet and the assumption is only based on past patterns. If Apple will manage to release three phones in 2017 (iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8).

What are you able to imagine?



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