iPhone 9: Is It Really Going to Be Affordable?

After the disaster with the iPhone X sales (let me remind you, iPhone X was given for the price of £999), rumor has it iPhone 9 will have a lower price. Truth be told, we don’t even know if its name is going to be iPhone 9 or not, but there’s not a single doubt that the company will remain completely silent until the official release date.

iPhone 9 Release Date Rumors

It’s fair to say that the company’s schedule is always reliable, so we’re guessing that the new iPhone will make its appearance in September this year. They’re all gossips right now, but given the fact that Apple always stayed on its schedule, we have high hopes.

Undeniably, Apple has constantly announced for the past six years that they will release two new iPhones at their major conference that’s going to take place in September. It would be unexpected for September to come, and for a new model to disappear out of the context. We trust the company.

iPhone 9 Price

As mentioned above, it will come at a lower price, an affordable one, good for all the pockets. However, can we really know how low the lower price will be? We’re talking about Apple here.

There is one rumor roaming around the internet, that says that the price will come from Apple’s analyst called Ming-Chi Kuo. In a recent report, he stated that the price of the iPhone 9 would be of about $600 or $700/£450 or £530. This means that iPhone 9 will have a lower price even in comparison with iPhone 8.

iPhone 9 Specs

To talk about the possible specs of iPhone 9, we need to mention iPhone XI (11). As said earlier, iPhone 9 is set to have a lower price, lower than its predecessor. iPhone 11 is said to be the premium follow-up of iPhone X (we like to call it the pretentious brother).

We also know from Kuo that the new iPhone will come with a 6.1 inch worth of LED screen, that will not come together with 3D touch. It’s worth mentioning that this is the first iPhone without 3D touch since iPhone SE. Without this feature, the price will definitely be lower.

It’s also been stated that it will bring us a single-lens back camera. This might come as a surprise, considering the dual-lens camera and the normal battery in a rectangular form, rather than the one shaped in L.

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