iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy Note 8 – What Should You Choose Next?

Samsung and Apple have always been rivals when it came to smartphones especially. As far as the rest of their product line is concerned, the two companies don’t have much middle ground, but when it comes to smartphones is when it all goes down. This rivalry is mainly due to their very competitive and petty user bases, but alas, the two companies are also rivals in their own right. This is why the fact that they both plan to release new smartphones soon is amusing, but also worth debating at least.

We thought that Samsung had beat Apple to the punch by a lot when it released the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus early this spring. But it seems that the true rival for the future iPhone 8 is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a brand new and massive smartphone that the South Korean tech giant plans to release soon. In fact, this new release is planned so soon that Samsung have already handed out invitations to the official release event that is bound to take place in New York later next month.

Honestly, we couldn’t have thought of a better time or place for the official event that launches the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In opposition, Apple is notorious for never announcing releases beforehand. In fact, they only ever tease a new device a few days before its launch, which is both good and counterproductive marketing. But as far as experts and analysts think, the iPhone 8 will be released early this September, so the two smartphones are coming around the same time.

If you plan on buying one of them and don’t know which one, you might want to wait for the launches and see what they’re all about, or at least read some rumors beforehand.

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