iPhone 8 to Come with a Set of Exciting Changes

Apple is set to start coming up with some official announcement soon concerning the release of this year’s line-up of devices. Of course, this would mean that we will slowly begin to hear more about them in the next couple of days. Despite that, today we have compiled a list of things that we believe will mark the new iPhone 8 as a fascinating device, gathering the attention of many Apple fans.

iPhone 8 New Design

The new iPhone certainly has a unique design to boot which rounds up all of the features that we have grown to love from the tech giant. One thing that some people could complain about is the fact that the device will not come with Face ID (you got to win some to lose some) but it will indeed come with a new LCD Retina display which is way different from the OLED screen that we got with iPhone X. Some may think of the lack of Face ID as a limitation of the device but we would like to mention that Apple has made up for it by adding the same A11 processor and a reliable camera to boot (of course, this will come with the Plus models).

What is going to make iPhone 8 Plus stand out is the fact that it will come with all of the upsides of Apple design and a smaller price tag. We think that Apple will find success with this new device in a large number of ways. Expect sales to skyrocket for this model after it is released.

iOS 12 for iPhone 8

Not only will the device have all the best things with little to no downsides, but users will also get to enjoy using iOS 12 right out of the box. iOS 11 was criticized for running a bit laggy, having some connectivity and crashing issues but it looks like Apple certainly made up for lost time with iOS 12.

What to expect this September?

Most analysts state that this September we will see a large number of people decide to sell their old devices in favor of getting a little bit of extra cash to cover the cost of the new iPhone lineup. This will usually lead to market saturation so if you plan to sell your device then do it quickly before the market plateaus in order to get a quick buck or if you want to buy one, do it after things have calmed down to get the best deal on a second-rate device.

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