iPhone 8 Rumor: A Facial-Recognition Feature To Replace Touch ID

iPhone 8 Rumor: A Facial-Recognition Feature To Replace Touch ID

Every year, Apple introduces the new iPhone gen to the public through their biggest annual event, WWDC. It’s one of the most awaited devices in the world. iPhone 7 has just launched a few month ago with the new colors option: matte black and jet black. What was new on the device is also the water resistant feature. The sales were great, especially the jet black version. Though, this year many people are waiting for the upcoming gen of Apple smartphone like crazy. They are expecting huge changes as this year the device is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Thus, some sources prefer to call it iPhone 10th anniversary.

iPhone 10th Anniversary Might Be Cost More Expensive Than Its Predecessor


Many people hope iPhone 8 will have a new design because of the fact it has the same design for past 5 years. This year seems to be a right time for Apple to do that, especially with a decade anniversary moment. The rumors suggest the device will have OLED display technology. Therefore, iPhone 8 with the curved screen and bezel-less design is possible to happen.

iPhone 8 won’t have touch ID feature


If Apple is going to redesign their new iPhone to have the bezel-less display, it means they probably need to adjust the OS and some features.

As it was reported by JPMorgan analyst, Rod Hall Apple will ditch the touch ID fingerprint recognition from iPhone 8. The other rumors also said iPhone 8 might not have a physical button anymore along with touch ID feature.

iPhone 8 Rumor: A Facial-Recognition Feature To Replace Touch ID


Hall also explained Apple has the other reasons replacing the touch ID with facial recognition technology.

“One obvious and potentially most compelling use would be AR/VR experiences, in which the user’s hands and other real world objects are being scanned and integrated into a field of view provided by the iPhone mounted into a Google Daydream-like headset. This would open up many interesting entertainment and gaming experiences not available today and might give Apple something extra in an AR/VR accessory compared to Google and others.”

Apple Acquires A Facial Technology From RealFace


The recent news from Times Of Israeli supports those rumors. It said Apple has acquired an Israel startup company, called RealFace for $2 million or more. It’s a cybertechnology company which has a facial recognition Software and offer a smart biometric log-in solution for mobile deployment. The Software uses proprietary IP in the field of “frictionless face recognition”. It’s a front-facing 3D scanner technology that can replace the home button function as the only biometric solution for iPhone. This facial recognition solution is suitable when iPhone is wet. Moreover, this technology is more secure than touch ID, especially for Apple Pay usage.

This fabulous technology makes the iPhone 8 price higher than before. The previous rumors said the price of the upcoming iPhone is over than $1000. Now, we know that makes sense. Hall explained, the facing scanner will add $10-15 per module or higher. The OLED display isn’t cheap, as it is more expensive than LCD.

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