iPhone 8 Leaks on Expensive Price

The iPhone 8 is bound to be announced this month and until now there have been rumors all over the internet about features, size, names, interface, hardware and so on.

But how much will it cost iPhone fans that plan on getting one?

Analysts have reached a conclusion that the iPhone 8 will get to $1200. This makes it over 50% higher than the iPhone 7!

iPhone 8 Will Start at $999 and Go Up to  $1,199

The 64 GB version of the newest unannounced iPhone will be $999, while the 512 GB version will make you spend $1,199.

But the analysis is wrong because iPhone 8 is not the new version or the series of iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 should have improved models that get named iPhone 7S or iPhone 7S Plus. iPhone 8 will be a new flagship smartphone which top the Plus series.

The iPhone 8 Might be Called iPhone Edition

There’s also a mess in the naming department. The new iPhone might be called iPhone Edition. There’s also a rumor according to which the iPhone 8 will actually be called iPhone X (X= 10 in Roman letters) since it’s the 10th Anniversary of iPhone.

Prices Will Get Higher and Higher

After the iPhone 8 will be released, Apple will work on the successor: iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus. These two will have a different design which will no longer inspired from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus versions.

We’re not saying that the new iPhones will not be worth the money. The price is no longer a matter of making these smartphones show their worth and will surely not be an aspirational price either. The question at hand is what Apple plans on doing: create and sell less iPhones for more profit on each device?

The same pricing goes for MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, which cost a lot more than the previous ones. Maybe Apple is planning on remodeling their customer base.

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