iPhone 8 Leaks Details on Features and Specs

iPhone 8 Leaks Details on Features and Specs

The release date for iPhone 8 is 12 September and we still don’t know how to call this new Apple smartphone: is it iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro or maybe even iPhone Edition?

No matter its name, we’re sure that it is going to be the best iPhone ever with what detail we have seen leaked so far.

A few months earlier the iOS was announced at WWDC and was in beta stage. But by 12 September the iOS should have been ready. Leaks shown by iOS 11 GM (GM means Golden Master) show us that the iOS 11 is at its final version and will be integrated in the iPhone 8.

Along with the leaks on iOS 11, we can easily shape some information on features and specs related to the iPhone 8.

Features and Specs for the iPhone 8

The OLED screen is definitely a feature for the iPhone 8, having a 1125 X 2436 pixels resolution and the True Tone color option which was first available for the iPad Pro.

A top feature is going to be Face ID and iPhone users will be able to unlock their iPhones by having their faces recognized. This feature has been very difficult to work on since they used the components from 10 manufacturers.

There might be another option for 3D recognition, not only for unlocking the iPhone, but also for creating 3D animated emojis personalized according to the user’s face.

Touch ID might be replaced by Face ID but we don’t know yet if it’s going away for real or it will be used for other options.

The home button will disappear in order to let more room to the screen. The back cover will be made of glass, joined by the front glass screen with a metal frame. This all-glass cover will make Wi-Fi charging possible.

Apple’s new iPhone will have a fast processor: Apple A11. It will have 3 GB RAM and a minimum of 64 GB internal storage.

On the back there is going to be a dual camera system, one of the cameras will be a telephoto lens, with the main camera having to do with the image sensor.

Another feature includes waterproof and dust proof abilities to the iPhone 8.

Will the iPhone 8 Come With Free AirPods?

We all know that now the iPhone come without headphone Jacks, since they have been removed from the previous iPhones (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus). But does that mean that the iPhone 8 comes with AirPods in the box for free?

All we know on this matter is that there is a new AirPods version, but not whether they’re going to come with the iPhone for free or not.

Other iPhones Launched on 12 September

Apple will launch iPhone 8, but will also bring updated iPhones to the market. iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will look like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but will have some hardware that gets updated. The screen is going to be a regular LCD display, making the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus similar in price to the current ones.

Prices for iPhone 8

We all know that the newest iPhone is going to be very expensive, especially since this is the 10th anniversary for iPhone and iPhone 8 might be a special edition with a special price. There’s no doubt that it will start on $999 for the 64 GB internal storage version and it will rise to $1099 for the 256 GB version and $1199 for the 512 GB version.

After the launch, about a week later the new iPhone will surely go on sale. People will be able to pre-order them on 15 September and buy then starting on 23 September or a week later, depending on delays.



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