iPhone 8 As Expensive As A MacBook Pro?

According to the rumors that are circulating at the moment, the future iPhone 8 (though we don’t know for sure whether this is the final name or not) will have a price of more than $1,000. Some even say that the starting price will be around $1,200, while others claim that this is too much. But could the iPhone 8 cost as much as a new MacBook Pro?

An Astounding Price

Most people who are speculating about the future price don’t really have any evidence to back up their guesses. So let’s have a look at the existing phones. For example, an iPhone 7 Plus that comes with 256 GB internal storage will cost $969. $1,000 for an iPhone 8 doesn’t seem that much anymore, does it?

More and More Expensive Smartphones

But leaving the Apple franchise aside, what exactly makes today’s smartphones so expensive? The answer is found in the BOM list (bill of materials) for the flagships. If you look at the BOMs of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7, you will see that the display, the camera and the mainboard take up most of the expenses.

However, there are other things you should keep in mind. One of them is the fact that the BOM costs represent only a part of the retail price of the final model. Even so, people assume that Apple is gaining a profit of $250 for each phone. The AMOLED display used for the Samsung flagship also costs more, reaching $85, while the iPhone 7 display costs only $39.

Last but not least, the total cost for manufacturing, including BOM, for the iPhone 7 reaches $220. The retail price is $649. This being said, it’s not so unbelievable for the iPhone 8 to cost as much as a MacBook anymore, right?

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