iPhone 8 Design: Leaked

iPhone 8 Design: Leaked

One of the most watched companies in the US stock market – Apple is set to release the new iPhone 8 this fall. Apple has been making iPhones since 2007 and since then it has reshaped the mobile phone industry with its breakthrough design and functionality.

The beauty of the iPhone is it is not just a phone but it also a lifestyle. To attest to that, a lot of rumors have been circulating about the iPhone 8 months before it comes out of the market. The tech world is always guessing what is its latest feature – will it have wireless charger, a wider display screen made of OLED, or will it debut a 3D camera?

Since Steve Jobs was at the helm of Apple it has maintained its character as a very secretive company. It is secretive to the point that no employee knows what they are working on. So imagine if someone tells you, they already know what the iPhone 8 will look like. That’s right information has already been leaked online by credible sources, no less than the suppliers who have been working closely with Apple on its design.

Here is what they have to share:

Sneak Preview of the iPhone 8

Since the iPhone 8 is Apple’s anniversary phone it will feature something consumers have not seen before or heard before. Hint: it might come with a new name. Technically, it is supposed to be called iPhone 8 but insiders say that Apple will eventually change it to – iPhone X to reflect the iPhone’s 10-year existence.

Along with this comes other features that are big departures from its current design. On the appearance department the iPhone 8 will change its looks. For one, it is rumored that iPhone 8 would not have a physical home button. Yes, that’s right! No more home button for this one, since it would be incorporated in the screen! But what about its touch ID which has become one of its well-loved features? There is a strong indication that the touch ID will also be embedded into the screen or placed at the back of the phone. With that feature comes a bigger screen size around 5.8 inches stretches from edge to edge of the phone! It delivers better contrast of colors and clearer display than the previous iPhones.

Apple is also set to change the way we charge our phones. The iPhone 8 will eliminate wires when charging. It is set to move to an all glass, sleek design to enable electricity to pass through the phone well unlike having an all metal case. This glass would also come in four different colors.

Along with its upgrade in appearance, Apple is also making the iPhone faster using the A11 fusion chipset. This has already been used on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models but modifications have been made to boost its performance. Apple would not be killing its 32GB model just yet but there are rumors that Apple 8 would only be making the 64GB and 256GB models.

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