These iPhone 8 Concepts Will Hold Off Your Plan Of Buying A New iPhone

These iPhone 8 Concepts Will Hold Off Your Plan Of Buying A New iPhone

It’s been less than one year since Apple announced iPhone 7 in September 2016, but the iPhone 8 concept rumors are already here. This iPhone will be released this year, the year of iPhone 10th anniversary. That’s why the iPhone fans hope the iPhone 8 will bring the new innovations.

Most of the iPhone 8 rumors are talking about two things: the new design and LCD display. The rumors say the iPhone will use glass on its enclosure part as we can see on iPhone 4/4S, but the design will be similar to iPhone 6. The glass enclosure and LCD display will be combined with a metal frame. It is believed the frame will have a metal liquid material. If it happens, iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone made from those materials, as we know that aluminum dominates iPhone 5 to iPhone 7. Apple plans to use the glass enclosure on iPhone 8 maybe because of iPhone 7 jet black selling success that has a shiny-like glass material.

The second rumor about iPhone 8 concept is also interesting. It says the next generation of iPhone will have LCD display with the curved edge, similar to Samsung Galaxy Edge. Therefore, the bezel of the iPhone can be eliminated. We’re not sure yet whether this LCD design will be adopted by all models of iPhone 8 or certain models only.

While there are many rumors that are talking about like embedding touch ID into LCD display, to level up the water resistant standard, etc. However, the iPhone redesign and new LCD display are more attractive to discuss. It is because Apple has launched their iPhone with the same design for past 3 years and the iPhone lovers hope for something new and refreshing, especially in terms of design.

There are some iPhone 8 concepts created by designers in predicting its appearance. Although it just a concept, it can give us an overview how the iPhone 8 may look like. The first one comes from Thadeu Brandao.

Thadeu created the iPhone 8 concept with full LCD display in front, without bezel at all. His design reminds us of Xiaomi Mi mix. He also added the rumor about “embed touch ID into LCD display” in his concept.

The other iPhone 8 concept comes from Iskander Utebayev that shows the curved LCD of iPhone with bezels on its top and bottom. Interestingly, he created the unique concept of iPhone by placing the camera on Apple logo instead of the top-left corner as usual.

These are so attractive iPhone 8 concepts, don’t you think? You may think to hold off your plan of buying new iPhone after you saw theses video. Will Apple redesign their iPhone this year? I think they should, otherwise, their iPhone selling will decline.

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