About the iPhone 8 and Its Bezels

It’s a well-known fact that iPhones are some of the most appreciated smartphones in the world. There are many reasons for that, and we won’t get into them right now, but as a general rule people love devices that look and perform well. Keeping that in mind, it’s worth noting as this point that the current year of 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Yep, the first ever iPhone was launched way back in 2007, which seems like a lifetime ago.

So Apple better make this anniversary one to remember. As announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference and speculated on the Internet’s specialty message boards, the anniversary iPhone 8 is most likely coming this fall. There has been plenty of talk on what the phone will look like and what new features it will bring, but this article will discuss one aspect in particular: its bezels.

Bezel-less No More

Apple was planning to make the iPhone 8 bezel-less, which would have been a very innovative move on their part. In fact, it would have been a step beyond Samsung’s Infinity Display. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, because the iPhone 8 will have a bezel after all, albeit a really thin one.

The iPhone 8’s bezel will only be 4mm on the sides, and a bit thicker on top for practical reasons. Although that’s a thin bezel indeed, the iPhone 8 can no longer call itself ‘bezel-less’. On top of that, the really thin bezel is also due to the fact that the iPhone 8 will no longer have a physical Home button. So where will the fingerprint scanner be placed? Will there even be one? We hope that it will be integrated in the screen; we don’t want to see the same scandal that hit the Samsung Galaxy S8 release hit Apple this fall.

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