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iPhone 7S Leaks Have Surfaced The Internet

As many of you know, this year, Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its iPhone. Well, it seems that the company is trying to bring a fresh new look to the iPhone this year, as according to the new leaks, the upcoming iPhone 7S/iPhone 8 will receive a major redesign.

Two new leaks have surfaced the internet and the first one comes from OnLeaks. On OnLeaks’ twitter account we’ve noticed a new design of the upcoming iPhone, with the home button removed and a vertical dual camera arrangement. At the same time, the front facing camera and the Touch ID are integrated under the main display and the headphone jack is missing.

According to OnLeaks, Apple will finally introduce wireless charging, which will surely please many iPhone fans. We have to mention that Elad Dubzinski, CEO at wireless power giant Powermat, said in an official press release that the wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone. We’re pretty sure that Dubzinski has made a mistake and he actually didn’t want to reveal that important information to the public.

Apple will probably start the multiple test version of the device, but since this is the 10th anniversary of iPhone, the company will surely adopt a strategy of no compromise and it will prefer to delay the release of the device instead of bringing a “messed” up device for its customers.

It’s not sure if the new device will be named iPhone 7S or if the company will decide to name it iPhone 8. However, there are also rumors saying that the next device that Apple will release is iPhone X.

Without any doubts, the upcoming iPhone 7S/iPhone 8/iPhone X will be a very successful device that many will want to purchase. Hopefully, some rumors regarding the processor, graphics card and RAM will appear sometime soon.

Do you think that the release date of the next iPhone will truly be delayed?

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