iPhone 7 Running On iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak with Causing Reboot Issue

Unfortuantely, Pangu has not released a fully functional jailbreak for iOS 10, but until that happens, you can use the Extra_Recipe exploit that will allow you to use tools that are hosted in Cydia.

However, it seems that this new type of jailbreak is causing some issues and one of them makes your device to randomly reboot. iJCLEE from Reddit has the same issue and he claims that his iPhone 7 has started to reboot once a day. However, it seems that this happens only when he is using the same application for a long time, as all the RAM gets overused and this is probably causing the reboots.

This issue has also been confirmed by zxzyzd from the same website, who claims that he had the jailbreak installed on his device for 5 days and he got 0 reboots in the first day, 1 reboot in day 2, 2 reboots in day 3, 0 reboots in day 4 and 4 reboots in day 5. He also added that he installed Crashreporter since day 3 and that tool has informed him that Unify X has caused the 2 reboots on day 3 and extra_recipe, preferences and locations caused the ones on day 5.

It is good to know that some users claim that they have no issues with this jailbreak, so it is not sure why only some of the devices are having this problem.

iOS 10: When Pangu Will Release A Fully Functioning Jailbreak?

Most of you already know that Pangu has managed to jailbreak iOS 10, but for some reason, it has not released it for the public yet. Some previous reports were suggesting that the hacker group will release the jailbreak once Apple will release the iOS 10.3.2 to the public. However, Apple has already released the iOS 10.3.2 to the public, but we don’t have any news about the jailbreak from Pangu.

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